The “Ethical Vaccine”

11 Oct

Well, I guess it would be funny, if it were not so serious. Just yesterday, I wrote about the PR push taking place for the H1N1 vaccine. Today, the Sunday propaganda hounds are out in force. It is now unethical to refuse the vaccine. They now admit that 2/3 of the American public do not believe the vaccine has been properly tested. This is a three-billion-dollar program, and I suspect that our public officials tied to the corporate money generated by this vaccine will not go down easily.

Please keep your ear tuned to the language of advertising and social engineering used by our media surrogates as they increase their effort to overcome common sense and facts, and instead result to these thinly veiled emotional ploys and pleas.  Let’s not become victims of their social engineering.  This is definitely one of the lines in the sand.  We already have allowed them to give the bailout against our wishes, continue to wage wars against our wishes; but if we give them dictatorial powers over our own bodies (and those of our children!) by allowing for a mandatory vaccine, we will not have lost just one more battle — we will have lost the war.


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