A Concise View of Where We Are

29 Oct

From time to time, I will include poetry and music lyrics to my entries.  I like poetry and lyrics because they distill the sometimes overwhelming information that we have to interpret each day.  We often get caught up in the information, the research, the study of history and the facts, and we ignore our emotional response that we register when we feel the totality of what we witness.  Poetry and lyrics address the emotion; the big picture; the human element that goes beyond our social contracts and agreed-upon behaviors and the masks each of us wear to get through daily interactions.  The following lyrics are from Samael, an avantgarde band (industrial rock to some) that probably wouldn’t be musically enjoyable for most people, but their lyrics since the inception of the band have always been about the spiritual journey.  These lyrics are a comment on how the stories that we accept as individuals (a choice) often leads us astray, and allow for the recurring rise of dictators.


Why do so many have to pay

For one man to have his way?

It’s something no one denies,

Primacy of one over others.

There is nothing except consciousness,

We never want to make him real.

Haven’t we all inside of us,

What makes a man what they want.

I wish I could take you by the hand

Lead you through your blurry views,

And give you access to your own self.

Between a Caesar and nothing,

There are plenty of ways to be.

Life is full of differences,

And so should be society.

Hope is a fuel that we get for free,

Life it demands security.

So why are those two always used,

As if they were power tools?

Sleeping with eyes wide open,

While someone else is in charge.

To lead the way.

In his own way.

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