A Resistance Movement For a Peaceful Revolution

7 Nov

Submitted by Resist For Liberty

The speed of the awakening has equally matched the speed of wealth consolidation by the global elite. It is becoming more obvious by the day that vital industries such as banking, energy, water, food, medicine, military, and media are now provably controlled by cartels. It is now painfully evident that our government works for these cartels, that our armies provide the muscle for their efforts, and the public provides fuel for their engine.

The system relies on our willing servitude, and we will never defeat them with force (weapons) and anger. We must take a measured approach of removing our willingness to cooperate through peaceful resistance tactics. Now is the time to galvanize our knowledge and frustration to form alliances to defeat the tyranny and transform the world to our agenda.

Much of the Truth Movement has been focused on activism to awaken the general public. Although we have seen a huge awakening, the aware class is still the clear minority, so spreading awareness should always be our primary goal. However, it’s no longer okay for us to simply be against the New World Order without offering a pragmatic plan to defeat them. In addition, we must offer more ideas than “give me liberty” if we expect to be taken seriously.

The notion that we can defeat the all powerful NWO by ranting and raving with protest signs, or simply preparing for doomsday scenarios is not realistic. Certainly, having a cushion of supplies in the case of true collapse is recommended, and peaceful protests are beneficial, but we must get far more organized in our resistance. Indeed we need to form our very own One World Order — a resistance movement that is organized and provides the tools, tactics, and philosophy to our soldiers.

Admittedly, it is a daunting task, as the criminal machine seems to be an unbeatable Goliath. However, we, the people, have the power of numbers. In fact, it is encouraging that there is a noticeable alliance forming between the far left and the far right with LIBERTY providing the galvanizing truth. We have truth on our side and that is extremely powerful. We should not be afraid to join groups and form movements with the stated goals to reject the NWO agenda in pursuit of a better world.

People in the movement are hungry for direction, leadership, and organization to provide the tools and tactics to effect change. Clearly this starts with education and knowledge which is being delivered by multiple sources with Infowars leading the charge. New movements such as The Zeitgeist Movement are providing blueprints for what a better future may look like, but no one is saying how we get there.

Our goal is to gather ideas and provide direction to get from point A to point B. This starts with breaking down the criminal institutions that run the planet and enslave humanity. This can only be done through organized peaceful resistance. This means sacrificing some of the comforts they provide for us in order to defeat them. We have to resist purchasing their products and notify them why have stopped supporting them. We must alert elected officials of our awareness and demand clear action to restore liberty. We propose the following outline to start a resistance campaign.

1. Awareness

  • Educate yourself and others
  • Know the enemy, know the system, and know your rights

2. Preparedness

  • Acquire tools for surviving the transition (food, energy, tradable goods, security)
  • Acquire tools for resisting (camera, computer, truth documents)

3. Resistance Plan

Establish legal council

  • Provide contact information
  • Post pending cases with updates

Refuse to support any NWO institutions

  • Reduce energy use, buy local food and services, invest in tools and tangible assets

Carry your camera everywhere

  • Film ALL misuse of authority and post it all over the Web

Announce your resistance

  • o Write to politicians and corporations describing your disapproval
  • o Boycott products that are misleading, dangerous, or exploitative

Form your own resistance squads

  • Collaborate with local communities to support the resistance
  • Form call lists to organize response teams
  • Use web-based tools such as Meetup and Facebook

4. Provide Solutions

Propose alternative ideas for operating all facets of society

  • Local barter systems to reduce the need for Federal banks and currency
  • Local food and energy systems
  • Coordinated health services
  • Alternative transportation systems
  • Policy initiatives that restore liberty

Above all we need a central repository for coordinated action.   We have established a site called RESIST FOR LIBERTY.  We believe that this can serve as a hub for the many fine blogs and sites already available.  Please support us in our endeavor and visit us now.  This is a work in progress; we welcome all ideas for how to make this a professional and focused online community that will engender real world results.

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