Save the People of Iceland: the Official Petition

16 Jan

Alex Jones recently had Birgitta Jonsdottir on his show.  She is a leading member of the Icelandic parliament who has called for the country to declare a debt moratorium and stop attempting to pay the $6 billion which the British and Netherlands governments are seeking to extort from Iceland with the help of the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission in Brussels.  She has put together a petition that is essential to sign in massive numbers, so that Iceland stands as an example of resistance to the economic tyranny that has been loosed upon the country.  Iceland was once the 5th richest country in the world.  If the New World Order succeeds there, they can succeed anywhere. Please sign this very important document!

Iceland may be the first Western democracy to be forced into South-American style debt-slavery. The IMF, in concert with the UK and the Netherlands, has attempted to strongarm the recently impoverished Island of 317,000 into paying over 3.6 billion pounds ($6.3bn) — $86,000 per Icelandic family — at 5.5% interest for the next generation. The money is not conventional government debt, but arises from the collapse of a private multi-national bank during the financial crisis.

The issue is so serious that the entire nation will vote on the issue towards the end of February 2010.

On December 30, 2009, after extraordinary diplomatic threats, Iceland’s parliament passed narrowly a bill agreeing to pay the onerous terms. Only a few months earlier parliament had agreed to the full amount, but under more reasonable conditions.

The people of Iceland must be internationally supported, so they can feel safe in voting down debt-slavery. If Iceland falls, it won’t be long before other countries suffer similar financial extortion.



One Response to “Save the People of Iceland: the Official Petition”

  1. Tom Caruso January 17, 2010 at 1:33 pm #

    Private debt repayments should be paid by the private institutions that have not paid it back, not by the governments and people who have stepped in to save themselves from the failure of these institutions.

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