I WANT YOU — Recruitment for the Infowar

17 Jan

We all know the slogan so fondly brought to us by our kindhearted military culture, circa 1916 or so.  Where has this type of “wanting” led?  Death, division, hatred, bankruptcy, alienation, and despair, just to name some of the better outcomes.  The New World Order mentality has used “I want you” to mean “I’m going to own you.”  But what should we want now?  What are we really calling upon in order to reverse the meaning of this tired and failed military slogan?  Individuality, I assert.  This is the crux of what the New World Order wants to destroy.  It wants to create a factional, controllable, culture where every individual is the member of a group . . . defined by them.  Once defined and herded, we can then be infiltrated, as they have been doing already for decades via COINTELPRO.  Now is the time where the individual must rise — true individuals like Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, David Icke, and all tireless patriots who are willing to trust only the spark within that can light the flame of liberty for our species.  In tribute, I will state what it is that I want.   Perhaps you can do the same.  Let us come together where we agree, and defeat the machine of tyranny that underestimates its opponent.

I want the truth: I will not automatically believe what the leaders of our society say without investigating if their actions support their words.  With all of the information available at our fingertips, we must accept responsibility for uncovering the truth ourselves no matter how uncomfortable that truth may be.

I want true equality:  I will not believe that which is defined for me.  All men are created equal, but not all men fulfill their duty.  Be educated, informed, tolerant, and inspired — you then will be the equal of all men.

I want freedom: I will not accept anything that threatens my birth-given right to be an entity unshackled by arbitrary laws and mandates given to me by men.  The true rules of freedom are always simple and are known without the need for 2,000 pages of lawyer-inspired nonsense.  Identify the crafted means of control, then ignore them.

I want justice: I will not tolerate the producers of society to be unrewarded, while only the takers prosper.  The banker dictatorship must fall, so that we can restore what makes us great.  We should support our local communities and those that contribute to it, not global corporations who are divorced from the interests of the public good.

I want opportunity: I believe that my abilities deserve to be rewarded, and I will do my best to seek those who appreciate them.  Without the freedom of individual expression, there is no self-directed opportunity, only orders given with the goal of conformity and control.

I want to contribute: I believe it is the destiny of the human race to enhance the experience of the members of our species.  We should support all efforts that help people realize their power and potential, as that realization always leads to freedom.

I want YOU: Any person who will not be cowed, who will not bow, who will not kneel to the kings of the day.  The true and the honest know the universal truth:  We the People — only as united individuals — shall prevail.

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