Debra Medina: What Happened?

26 Feb

The following is a recent letter I sent to Debra Medina.  Naturally, I thought that her statements on The Alex Jones Show were heartfelt.  What a shame it is to hear her agree with those who would label anyone who has questions as “despicable.”  She must be called to task for her recent statements.

Hi Debra,

I first heard about you and your views on the Alex Jones show.  I’m troubled by your recent comments regarding “the truthers.”   In my view, there is a mountain of evidence that suggests 9/11 should be investigated further.  However, I respect that you might not agree.  Yet, I cannot condone your recent support of the venomous propaganda suggesting that anyone who has questions is “despicable.”  Can you please explain your true position?  I have been disheartened by the duplicity of politicians; your voice seemed fresh and genuine, so I am hoping that your words were ill advised, or misspoken.  Please set the record straight.

CALL HER NOW:  877-938-3926


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