Debra Medina Replies

2 Mar

The point is that Debra Medina SEEMED like a professional politician with her equivocating on the 9/11 issue.  I think she could have been more clear.  In any event, I tend to agree with Alex Jones that she is certainly representative of a major shake-up should she be elected.  Here’s hoping that she is the real deal . . . .

Thank you for your comments and your questions.

As you know, Debra Medina is not a trained polished professional politician. She is a regular person who is trying their best to give the people of Texas a choice for liberty in the upcoming election.

Debra has always upheld the right of citizens to ask questions of their government and to seek answers to those questions. Shortly after the Glenn Beck interview, Debra, once again, made this abundantly clear in her press conference:

Part 1: <>
Part 2: <>
Part 3: <>

A lot of people, after an interview with Mark Davis, have become upset with Debra because they believe that she agreed with a view point opposite of that in her press conference.

This is not the case.

Debra still believes that people have the right to question their government and to seek answers. In that interview, the host asked her to agree with a very complex statement. Debra chose to agree with the part of that statement she did agree with, “that she was sorry, that she messed up” and was not a 9/11 truther and she chose to ignore the inflammatory statement that such people were part of a despicable cult.  Pointing this out to the host would not have moved the interview forward, it would have been a distraction that would have taken the interview off the topic of Debra’s beliefs and what is needed in Texas into another debate about 9/11 truth, which is not a belief that Debra subscribes to or that she is even that knowledgeable about. She even went so far in the interview to describe what she meant by agreeing. “I agree with your Mark, I laughed it off when he said that I was a truther, because it was so absurd. And I should have just said NO, absolutely not. I’m not a truther, its abundantly clear I am not a truther.  You know these things happen to us and we say we should have done better and move on”.

Debra is not a 9/11 truther and believes that Muslim Terrorist carried out those attacks. Debra did say in that interview that it was a despicable belief that our President and our government would kill its own people to justify war, but nowhere did she say it was despicable to ask questions about what happened, and even said she originally thought the Beck questions were about the questions surrounding the 9/11 commission report, questions that have been raised by the commission itself.

I am sure Debra feels bad about anyone who was offended by this interview, it was not her intention to throw anyone way.

Debra is not running to be governor of 9/11, she is running for the governor of Texas. This race is about the direction that the State of Texas is going to take in this crucial time in our history. Are we going to stand up against an encroaching, liberty grabbing government? Or are we going to let the main stream media change the debate to a subject that is not relevant to the race and that distracts the people away from the real problems that are occurring?

We not only have the chance to change history in Texas, and restore our rights as a free people, but also the course of the US.  The world is watching what we do here in Texas.  Are we going to let this stop us?  I have placed my faith in the ability of Debra Medina to lead us in this fight, and I will stand by her and fight for our rights with her.  I will not cave because the opposition is trying to divide and conquer.  No one said this was going to be an easy fight.  It’s up to us to stay the course, keep our eye on the prize, and keep fighting.

In Liberty,


Medina for Texas

P.S. Please don’t be saddened that this email isn’t more tailor fit for your question/statement. While this is not a form letter, as I have taken the time to write it out myself, it is the same one everyone inquiring about this topic is going get as I have to send out about 750 between tonight and tomorrow night. I hope you understand.


One Response to “Debra Medina Replies”

  1. paul March 7, 2010 at 5:40 pm #

    What I told a Bush haters lately….It is a lie that Bush lied about Iraq. Iraq was directly involved with 9/11 no matter what you say. Sodam was funding every terrorism group in the middle east. He paid for the their training and let them operate within his own country. That is the same as if he flew those plains into the towers on 911 himself. Remember something, The Iraqi leader was directly linked to the support for the first attack on the towers in 1993. Sodam was angry about America kicking his butt in desert storm and wanted to get even with the USA. Democrats simply created the appearence of a lie about Bush, to win the 2008 election.
    Since many of us were stupid and believed these lies, we elected a real winner for ourselves. Obama!
    It was a trick, and we fell for it.
    We fell right into this hate Bush trap that was set for all of us. Who benifited? Obviously the left! The UN itself hated Bush, as did all of the socialist nations in modern Europe. Why?
    He was setting up democracies within the middle east, this was contrary for their plans of socialism spreading their world plan by the bankers. Why do you think Alan Greenspan hated Bush and actually quit because of him? He refused to go along with them.

    France and Germany saw how great the American economy was expanding during the Bush years and have recently elected two conservative presidents, as did our first neighbor Canada. Bush inspired conservative elections in Europe ..The Bush years were very good before 2006 until we we duped and voted in a left wing democratic type congress.
    The socialists simply had to stop this trend towards free democracies supported by Bush, so they used the left wing media to destroy Bush. If Bush were a socialist seeking world government as some claim these people in the UN would not have fought so hard against Bush. That is a know brainer…
    Bush lowered taxes and got the economy rolling and that was not the way you drive a free nation into tyranny.
    If Bush were a socialist he would not have transformed Iraq into a free nation with free elections. How stupid can people be?
    Democrats destroyed the economy with Freddy and Fannie and carefully planned their stock market crash just before the 2008 election. Bush warned the congress seven times to gain control of these terrible bank loans. Why did they ignore Bush, and let the economy crash? So they could blame the Bush economy. They falsely clain that the cost of the Iraq war was what broke the country, that is certainly a lie!
    Less than 5 percent of the budget went into that war anually. 70 percent or more percent is going into government welfare programs and socialist government entitlements, including Freddy and Fannie. That is actually what is breaking the American economy and not the war. Check it out! The secret plan was to turn all of us against Bush in order to destroy America.
    This is the reason why Obama is currently in power and doing all of the things Bush refused to do for the FED and world socialism. Bush was not perfect, but he was an honorable man who took his lumps with dignity and never blamed his mistakes upon others. Bush had no tea party movement supporting him when he lowered taxes and stood virtually alone while the media turned the public against him.
    How would you like to lead a nation with no united support? How far would you get? That is not the kind of man you ignorantly demonize falsely. Glenn Beck is a great man and I support him, but he needs to be a little more fair with Bush, and realize that the left deliberately destroyed Bush to ruin America. We must not be tricked this way again. 9/11 truthers are helping the socialists that is why it is supported by Van Jones and even Obama to continually demonize Bush. When those buildings came down, surely any idiot knows that those bursts of energy were not explosians wired upon each individual floor but huge volumes of air trapped between each individual floor being forced outward as each floor pancaked. Possibly some gas lines going off too. A Steal structure may not melt at 1200 degrees but it will get so brittle that it virtually cannot hold the tremendous weight. Lets all get real here…9/11 families know there loved ones voices when they called home before the crash. And they are angry with 9/11 truthers..This was a terrorist attack in every aspect and not a Bush fable.

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