From the Ashes

16 Apr

by Jeffrey Hickcox

America is finished.  Everything she represented like democracy, personal liberties, economic mobility, human rights, and social justice has been dismantled by a WTC building 7-style controlled demolition.  As with all natural disasters, blatant looting is occurring while the masses are distracted by their desperation and fear. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of the pain and when America’s destruction is finally complete, the power vacuum will no doubt be filled by centralized global governance run by the international Banksters.

As bleak as the situation appears to be there is hope for a better future to be built from the ashes.  But let’s be clear, the fire has been started, the elite add fuel daily, and Rome is burning.  Trying to put out the fire at this point is a waste of our precious energy because the system is run by the arsonists themselves who also control the firefighters.  Our first order of business must be to survive the fire. Some may argue that we must first focus on sounding the alarm to awaken the masses which many are doing quite successfully.

However, I’m reminded of the scene in The Day After Tomorrow when the killer storm is bearing down on America and Quaid’s character draws a line on the map of the U.S. and tells them to evacuate everyone below that line because it is too late for the rest of them.  As Paul Craig Roberts stated in his “retirement” remarks, that line is 9-11 truth.  If you can’t see or are completely unwilling to question the truth about 911, then it is too late for you.  The storm is moving too fast and is too powerful to save you.

Indeed, many will perish in the firestorm from joblessness, untreated illnesses, starvation, and battle wounds.  Perhaps we need the suffering to get the population to fully awaken from their dream-state prisons.  And when the smoke clears, the elite’s plan for centralized control over all the human population will be nearly complete.  Their plan must be stopped or we will all be debt slaves confined to our Orwellian cubicles equipped with telescreens that transmit our every action.  But it won’t be stopped by a few citizens clutching hunting rifles.  It won’t be stopped by peaceful marches about taxes.  And it won’t be stopped by electing a few Libertarian politicians.  The firestorm is too great. Those actions are helpful, but it will only be stopped with better system built on better ideas.

Albert Einstein was right when he said, “No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.”  Therefore, trying to affect change in the current system through protesting, picketing, or politicking is all for naught – especially when the noose of the elite’s global control grid is ever tightening.

Of course recognizing the problem and educating as many willing citizens as possible is of crucial importance.  The “problem” is that central bankers have enslaved the world through their creation of monopoly money; money that came from nothing, means nothing, and perpetuates an illusory system of greed and hierarchy to serve them.  The banksters and their cartel partners of industry own every government and their war machines, all the land, all the natural resources, and all the people.  Until we recognize that collectively and topple it, we are doomed.

This system started when the first hunter and gatherer decided to lock up his toils and charge a price of admission for basic human sustenance.  Now, humanity is at the mercy of the greedy global food monopolies, energy monopolies, medical monopolies, and thought monopolies working in tandem with the money masters for complete control of our society and our species.

We will remain slaves until, we as individuals and communities, cease to rely on these cartels for our basic human needs by creating self-sufficient systems.  New systems for money and trade must be implemented if we expect to enjoy true freedom and fairness.  It seems to me that the most pragmatic way to accomplish this new society in the U.S. is one state (or a group of states) at a time seceding to create a new great society.

As the fire of federal criminality burns, the talk of secession is no longer considered whacky but almost acceptable water-cooler conversation. States would clearly have to take steps to be more self-reliant to dull the pain of their new birth.  The first order of business must be to forgive all private and public debts owed to criminal bankers for their illusory currency and immoral practices.  Any objection by the bankers will result in their criminal prosecution for theft, corruption, and counterfeiting.  Their immunity will be their only concessionary payment for all debts.  The next step would be to issue a new currency based on sound principles either backed by gold or some other local resource, or to follow the principles of Lincoln’s Greenback issued directly by the government treasury at a fixed low interest rate and with supply caps based on economic output.

Obviously, there will be many fierce opponents to a plan like this especially from those with the most to lose like the banks, the federal government, and dollar-based foreign companies (energy companies etc.).  Again, offering immunity from crimes against humanity will protect the new state from their onslaught.  Skeptics will also be abundant, yet if the new “territory” restores the personal freedoms under the Constitution, develops a high level of self-sufficiency, brings home their National Guard to protect their borders, establishes a sound currency and economic freedom, and displays strong social structures that puts its people before profit, then I (maybe naively) imagine local cooperation and investment will surely follow.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a ‘thing-oriented’ society to a ‘person-oriented’ society.”  To build a sustainable and just societal model we must switch our perception from the illusion of material things to the love of our fellow man.  Each aspect of how we function in society must adhere to putting the rights of individuals first, the wellbeing of the community second, and incentive-based economics last.  This will not happen overnight, but with one person, one community, one state, and one nation at a time.  Of course there are countless logistics to be determined, but where there is love there is hope, and I remain hopeful.


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