Lieberman Looks to Strip the Citizenship of 1 Million Americans Without Charge or Trial

9 May

Keith Farrell
May 8, 2010

The climate of fear, created out of the well exaggerated Times Square incident last week has allowed Joe Lieberman and fellow establishment lawmakers to introduce a bill that would drive the final nail into the coffin of the Bill of Rights. Lieberman says the bill is design to “close loopholes” that allow individuals on the FBI’s terror watch list purchase firearms, explosives and to have basic rights of due process if and when they are tried for a crime.

The dangers of Lieberman’s legislation are vast.

Despite the fact that the FBI’s terror watch list has been repeatedly found to contain children, people of mistaken identity and individuals whose only crime was to attend antiwar rallies, the media is pushing the agenda as a fight over whether or not so-called terrorist should have any rights at all. The problem is that none of these people have been charged with a crime, let alone tried and found guilty by a trial of their peers. Nearly 1.5 million Americans would be stripped of their rights without trial and without recourse.

Are we still the land of the free if we begin to strip people of their civil rights based on their political/religious beliefs? If we being to strip innocent children of their god given rights based solely on their names and do not provide any legal recourse or action of defense for these people, are we still a free society? Or has the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned of in his farewell speech grown to such proportions that it has swallowed this republic whole? Has the promise of security convinced us that we should relinquish our rights as Americans? Most likely not enough of us, which is why the media is doing all they can to frame this as a debate about terrorists. These are not terrorists; they are Americans who have committed no crime. If they have committed a crime, then they should be charged and tried publicly, not by military tribunal as Lieberman would have it, so that the American people can see the full evidence against them.


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