The New Face of Terror: And He Holds an American Passport

10 May

Editor’s Note:  The mainstream is pushing “the guy next door” as the new face of terror.  Never mind the fact that more terror and killing has been executed by the governments of the world than any “lone nut.”  This is a new front in the New World Order propaganda war against the American people.  Imagine: “We have met the enemy — and he is carrying an American passport.”  Where can we expect this to lead?

The assimilated terrorist: An outsider no longer

AP – FILE -An undated file photo from the social networking site, shows a man who was identified …

By Jesse Washington, Ap National Writer Mon May 10, 8:21 am ET

He was an American citizen with a three-bedroom suburban home, a wife and two kids. He shopped at Macy’s and ate Oreos. His picture was on Facebook. He had an MBA and a job as a financial analyst. His wife liked to watch “Friends.” And then, authorities contend, Faisal Shahzad tried to set off a bomb in Times Square.

A decade after 9/11, it increasingly seems to have come to this: We have met the enemy — and he is carrying an American passport.

For generations, assimilation has been the story told by the United States — the recipe for making Americans. Irish and Italians, Catholics and blacks, Japanese and Jews joined the mainstream even as they maintained their unique cultures and traditions.

But today, with the world a mouse click away and most every country in the world accessible in little more than a day, globalization is competing fiercely with assimilation. People who have a foot in two strikingly different cultures no longer leave one behind for the other. Now they can move between them easily, fluidly, quickly.

Thus it becomes possible for a fanatical few Muslim-Americans, living in the belly of what they perceive as a hostile culture, to feel closer to a bombed Afghan village or a Pakistani madrassa than to the America outside their own front doors.


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