Big Brother Britain Encouraged by Michael Bloomberg

12 May

Michael Bloomberg thinks it is just great to live in London, location of the most security cameras on the planet; 500,000 cameras peer into the lives of its citizens.  Contact Michael Bloomberg and tell him that you will move out of the city if you live there, or you will refuse to visit if this is implemented.  In a CBS 2 News report Bloomberg says, “Nobody’s going to make the world perfectly safe, but wouldn’t you rather be somewhat safer?” Bloomberg said.  At what expense?  Being recorded nearly 300 times in the course of a day?  Let’s be honest:  we all have a death sentence the moment we are born.  We should be focusing on how to make our lives better, more free, more creative, and more enjoyable — not hiding under the couch of a surveillance police state that historically only wants more power, more money and more control.

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