Our New Site Has Been Launched

12 Jun

Our New Site: ActivistPost.com

First, thank you to our visitors for supporting this blog; it has grown way beyond what we expected.  The hunger for the truth and real news is undergoing exponential growth as we speak.  Meanwhile, the forces of tyranny have re-doubled their efforts, so we must triple our own.  We are expanding our operation and our network — we have designed ACTIVIST POST as our new home.  This site aims to form a much larger network where we can spread the word of freedom, hope, passion . . . and resistance.  Please join us in this new endeavor.  We encourage anyone to SUBMIT ARTICLES OR NEWS — we must be ACTIVE.  We used to speak about the tyranny that was coming.  Well, now it is here.  We must remain peaceful; spread information that will wake up larger and larger numbers, and make the commitment simply to resist — say NO — to all violations of our innate human rights.  These human rights were immortalized in the founding documents of the United States, but it is our position that EVERY human — American or not — is entitled to freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and the freedom to enjoy whatever it is that makes them happy so long as it does not hurt others.  The governments of the world increasingly are working in concert as they attempt to reach their final goal of a one-world government where all freedom to choose is eliminated.  Please stand up now and be counted among the voices who will no longer remain silent.


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