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Activism in an Age of Tyranny and Terror

27 Jun

Michael Edwards
Activist Post

World tyranny is accelerating at a pace not seen since Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Mussolini converged on the world stage.  Their regimes were history’s prime examples, but there have been countless other dictators who have flourished, leading to the unfortunate conclusion that dictatorships are the rule, not the exception.  Central to these power structures has been secrecy, intimidation, and the outlawing of basic human rights such as free speech, the right to peaceably assemble, the eradication of individuality in deference to the State, and extrajudicial arrests of their own citizens.  The G8 and G20 Summits now represent a traveling tyranny that is emulating history’s most infamous.  Activists would then be wise to consult history when developing an effective strategy to combat the increasing dehumanization.

Having landed most recently in Toronto, Canada, we can see the emergence of precedents aimed at stifling street activism.  We have secret laws where judges rule in favor of the State, total lockdown, and torture.  The arrest and torture of Charlie Veitch from The Love Police, and the denial of entry into Canada for We Are Change activist, Luke Rudkowski, marks a new phase of hot, stomping tyranny to supplant the cold, creeping variety that has been on display for at least the last 10 years.  We saw it emerge full force in Pittsburgh and it has now reached new levels of inhumanity.  Veitch is the epitome of a peaceful street activist who declares the sovereign nature of his humanity when confronting authority.  He films everything, knows his rights, and states them firmly yet politely.

It is just this type of activism that I encouraged in my October, 2009 article “Resistance is NOT Futile:  The Rise of Resistance Journalism.” I spoke about knowing your Constitutional rights, stating them firmly, and putting authority in a position of violating your civil rights in a way that no court of law could endorse.  However, in just the last 8 months since that article was posted, the laws of free speech and to peaceably assemble have been all but eradicated, and Constitutional protection is no longer available for those defined within the expanding label of “terrorist.”  In fact, much of what I had suggested in my original article is now bound to get someone arrested without recourse.  Even filming police can carry a sentence — in your own home! We see evidence of overt Fascism in The Gulf, as Coast Guard officers have become enforcers for British Petroleum, instead of protectors of the citizens affected by the tragedy.  Winding up in jail doesn’t make someone very effective, nor is it wise council to encourage an endeavor that is bound to fail.  Activism in the age of tyranny and terror must be cunning, wise, discrete, but still unflagging.  I think it is time to look at the only form of activism that has consistently worked under the type of blatant tyranny we now face on a global scale:  total non-cooperation.

In a brilliant 1996 lecture by Gene Sharp, Senior Scholar at the Albert Einstein Institution, titled, “Facing Dictatorships Realistically: Thoughts on Developing a Plan for Liberation,” addressing a conference on non-violent struggle in Cuba, he lists the power sources of tyranny:
  • Authority (or legitimacy, belief in the right of some group or person to lead and give orders).
  • Human resources (who and how many people obey and assist the power holder).
  • Skills and knowledge (what kind and to what degree these are available to the power-holder).
  • Intangible factors (religious, emotional, and belief systems).
  • Material resources (economic, financial, transportation, and communications).
  • Sanctions (or punishments, violent or nonviolent).
These power sources, Sharp suggests, are given authority by “pillars of support,” which include:
  • Religious and moral leaders.
  • All sections of the population in the case of human resources — people who cooperate, obey, and assist the regime.
  • Specialists with particular abilities and capacities in the case of skills and knowledge.
  • Acceptance of the pattern of submission and of beliefs which lead to obedience and help in the case of intangible factors.
  • Cooperation in the functioning of the financial economic, transportation, and communications system in the case of material factors.
  • Fear and submission in face of threatened punishments by the regime, and obedience by the police and military of orders to inflict repression on those who disobey or refuse to cooperate.
The act of intelligent, well-planned, non-cooperation — and encouraging the pillars of support not to cooperate with what is tantamount to their own enslavement — historically has been more effective than physically engaging the police state on their own terms.  It is tempting to react in the same manner that has brought on the oppression by fighting violence with violence.  Contrariwise, it might seem futile to face an onslaught that seems to attack from all sides at once, as we are assailed militarily, in our media, and even in our food and water.  The modern activist has to be more an artist than a battlefield warrior:  the aim is to starve the sources of power from which the tyranny derives its muscle.  This can be done; indeed has been done repeatedly throughout history.  Free humanity prevails when it stops being reactive, and instead develops its own course of action.  Invariably, that course of action first takes place by developing a mindset of defiance.  Sharp recounts exactly what has worked in the past to disintegrate oppression and restore the rights of humanity:
  • Massive shut-downs of the society, general strikes, mass stay-at-homes, defiant marches, loss of control of the economy, transportation system, and communications, slow-downs and defiance by the civil service and police, disguised disobedience or outright mutiny by the military, or other activities will increasingly undermine the dictators’ own organization and related institutions.
  • When the religious and moral leaders in the society denounce the regime as illegitimate.
  • When the masses of the people are disobeying orders and noncooperating with the dictatorship.
  • When journalists and broadcasters are defying censorship and issuing their own publications and programs.
  • When the transportation system operates only according to the needs of the democratic forces.
  • When the civil servants are ignoring the dictatorship’s policies and orders.
  • When the police refuse to arrest democratic resisters.
  • When the army has gone on strike.
We should not delude ourselves; we are some distance from actualizing the above points, but these guidelines and goals need to be established first if we are to coordinate our activism effectively to resist the quickening that is taking place.  Let us then focus on the pillars of support that give sustenance to the growing global dictatorship (our friends, our community leaders, our families), and starve this creature out of existence.

Is the Dept. of Homeland Security Expecting a Major Terror Attack?

17 Jun

Eric Blair – Activist Post

Why all the terrorist training drills?

Is a large-scale terrorist attack imminent?

There are so many terrorist drills lately with many more planned over the coming months, you’d think the Department of Homeland Security was preparing for something BIG.  If this were the Bush years we would be on Red Alert and the fear volume would be cranked up to 11. To their credit, the Mainstream Media is still trying to sell fear bundled as white-racist-homegrown-Tea Party-terrorists, but no one’s buying it anymore.

The public remained relatively unfazed by the heavily propagandized attacks of the Christmas Underwear Bomber, Joseph Stack, and the Pentagon shooter.  After all that, their only prize was installing some full body scanners to make Michael Chertoff (former head of DHS) a rich man.  The Elite will need to do much better than that to elicit the necessary terror on the public that will be required to push through their immediate draconian agenda now well publicized:

1. Enforce austerity measures via Cap and Trade taxes spurred by Gulf oil disaster
2. Eliminate free Internet under the guise of Net Neutrality and Cyber Security
3. Continue bankster rape and pillage of middle America with consent of Congress
4. Round up citizens (without Miranda rights) who question the government
5. Track the public with Biometric National ID cards under the cover of immigration reform
6. Continue population control plan

And of course they will continue the endlessly escalating preemptive wars for profit and resources led by the poster-boy of peace himself Nobel Laureate Barack Obama.  To quote David Icke, all of these measures are creeping up on us in a “Totalitarian Tip Toe.”  However, the public is fast becoming hip to the agenda in droves and the Elite know it.  Obama’s numbers are in the tank, the secretive Bilderberg meetings are now fully exposed, all while independent alternative news now crushes the MSM.  Therefore, it would seem that they must up the ante with a massive event of some kind.

The rhetoric in the mainstream media has most certainly been building toward a major event.  There was a steady drip of scattered stories designed to make the public believe that anti-government groups are planning attacks within the United States.  This was the case before the Gulf oil gusher blew the Tea-Party-Terrorists out of the headlines.

Perhaps the magnitude of the Gulf oil disaster will prove to be just that event. Indeed it is catastrophic enough to strike the fear of  End Times in many concerned citizens.  It’s difficult not to be cynical these days, but there is compelling evidence that even this event was staged, as Goldman Sachs and the head of BP, Tony Hayward, had uncanny timing in selling their BP shares weeks before the rig blew.  This comes at a time when the SEC announced that it has “destroyed” the evidence of massive put options of airline stocks prior to 9/11.  What could possibly be the reason, other than collusion, that the government is destroying vital evidence to the greatest crime in history?

Obama’s henchman Rahm Emanuel’s now famous quote, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste . . . What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before,” should tell us that they’re surely hard at work weaving this crisis into opportunity for the agenda.  But it may not prove to carry the necessary shock effect to combat the tsunami of sheep waking up from their slumber.

That said, should we be expecting a large-scale terrorist attack based on the multitude of DHS terrorist drills taking place?  Well, because there were mock terrorist drills conveniently occurring on September 11th, 2001 and at the London Train bombings for the exact scenarios that took place, one has to speculate if another well-timed drill will result in a live attack.  Where there is smoke, there is fire!

Fighting the Good Fight, Part 1

14 May

Killing women and children — hymns of the military.

Also see Part 2 and Part 3

Big Brother Britain Encouraged by Michael Bloomberg

12 May

Michael Bloomberg thinks it is just great to live in London, location of the most security cameras on the planet; 500,000 cameras peer into the lives of its citizens.  Contact Michael Bloomberg and tell him that you will move out of the city if you live there, or you will refuse to visit if this is implemented.  In a CBS 2 News report Bloomberg says, “Nobody’s going to make the world perfectly safe, but wouldn’t you rather be somewhat safer?” Bloomberg said.  At what expense?  Being recorded nearly 300 times in the course of a day?  Let’s be honest:  we all have a death sentence the moment we are born.  We should be focusing on how to make our lives better, more free, more creative, and more enjoyable — not hiding under the couch of a surveillance police state that historically only wants more power, more money and more control.

The Sum Total of Where We Stand

11 May

Excellent synopsis of where we stand right now as a nation . . . and as a world.  This is not only the U.S.  The most disturbing trend is that the United States is not the sole example — this is a global, coordinated occurrence.  The U.S. is merely the driving force.

Once upon a time, the United States was a land of unparalleled freedom.  The rest of the world envied the freedom that ordinary Americans had to think, say and do what they wanted.  But all of that has changed.  Now Americans have to fear that they will be tackled by a squad of security goons and dragged off to a detention facility somewhere if they spill a Pepsi on a flight attendant or take a few too many pictures of a public building.  The United States used to be the polar opposite of totalitarian regimes like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, but now America is rapidly becoming very much like them.  Due to the fear of a boogeyman living in a cave somewhere or some guy with explosive powder in his underwear we are all being forced to give up our freedoms and learn to live in a Big Brother police state.

But have things really changed so much that we have to give up all of the cherished freedoms that our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for?  Haven’t there always been fanatics and crazies and criminals out there?  Why do we suddenly have to become so afraid of them?

In the past, Americans would not let anyone make them live in fear.  If some unbalanced individual did something bad, it wasn’t the end of the world, was it?  No, in the past Americans dusted themselves off and continued to live as free men and women.  You see, when we live in fear and radically alter our way of life just to feel a little more secure, we lose.  We have let someone else steal our freedom and our dignity.

But now in the name of “security” all kinds of bizarre proposals have been implemented on the local, state and national levels.  Somehow we think that if everything that we do is watched, monitored and analyzed we will all be safer somehow.

Maybe we are safer and maybe we aren’t, but we are certainly a whole lot less free.

The following are 20 signs that the United States is rapidly becoming a totalitarian “Big Brother” police state….

#1) A new bill being pushed by Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman would allow the U.S. military to round up large numbers of Americans and detain them indefinitely without a trial if they “pose a threat” or if they have “potential intelligence value” or for any other reason the President of the United States “considers appropriate”.

#2) Lawmakers in Washington D.C. working to create a new immigration bill have decided on a way to prevent employers from hiring illegal immigrants: a national biometric identification card all American workers would be required to obtain.

#3) Barack Obama is backing a plan to create a national database to store the DNA of people who have been arrested but not necessarily convicted of a crime.

#4) Just to get on an airplane, Americans will now have to go through new full-body scanners that reveal every detail of our exposed bodies to airport security officials.

#5) If that wasn’t bad enough, the Transportation Security Administration has announced that airport screeners will begin roving through airports randomly taking chemical swabs from passengers and their bags to check for explosives.

#6) Starting this upcoming December, some passengers on Canadian airlines flying to, from or even over the United States without ever landing there, will only be allowed to board their flights once the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has determined they are not terrorists.

#7) Organic milk is such a threat that the FDA has been conducting military style raids on Amish farmers in Pennsylvania.

#8) An NYPD officer has broken his silence and has confessed that innocent citizens are being set up and falsely arrested and ticketed in order to meet quotas.

#9) A growing number of police departments across the U.S. are turning to mobile camera systems in order to fight motor vehicle theft and identify unregistered cars.

#10) For decades, Arizona has been known as “the sunset state”, but lately many frustrated residents have started calling it “the surveillance state”.

#11) Judges and police in Florida have been caught using “secret codes” on tickets in the state of Florida.

#12) An extensive investigation has revealed that between 2003 and 2007, that state of Texas quietly gave hundreds of newborn baby blood samples to a U.S. Armed Forces laboratory for use in a forensics database.

#13) A 6-year-old girl was recently handcuffed and sent to a mental facility after throwing temper tantrums at her elementary school.

#14) One 12-year-old girl in New York was recently arrested and marched out of her school in handcuffs just because she doodled on her desk.

#15) In Florida, students have been arrested by police for things as simple as bringing a plastic butter knife to school, throwing an eraser, and drawing a picture of a gun.

#16) When a mother on a flight to Denver spanked both of her children and cussed out a flight attendant who tried to intervene, she suddenly found herself handcuffed and headed for prison.  Why?  She was charged with being a domestic terrorist under the Patriot Act.

#17) A new global treaty may force U.S. Internet service providers to spy on what you do online.

#18) A leaked Obama administration memo has revealed plans for the federal government to seize more than 10 million acres of land from Montana to New Mexico.

#19) 56 percent of Americans questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll said that the U.S. government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.

#20) But one other recent poll found that 51 percent of Americans agree with this statement: “It is necessary to give up some civil liberties in order to make the country safe from terrorism.”

The New Face of Terror: And He Holds an American Passport

10 May

Editor’s Note:  The mainstream is pushing “the guy next door” as the new face of terror.  Never mind the fact that more terror and killing has been executed by the governments of the world than any “lone nut.”  This is a new front in the New World Order propaganda war against the American people.  Imagine: “We have met the enemy — and he is carrying an American passport.”  Where can we expect this to lead?

The assimilated terrorist: An outsider no longer

AP – FILE -An undated file photo from the social networking site, shows a man who was identified …

By Jesse Washington, Ap National Writer Mon May 10, 8:21 am ET

He was an American citizen with a three-bedroom suburban home, a wife and two kids. He shopped at Macy’s and ate Oreos. His picture was on Facebook. He had an MBA and a job as a financial analyst. His wife liked to watch “Friends.” And then, authorities contend, Faisal Shahzad tried to set off a bomb in Times Square.

A decade after 9/11, it increasingly seems to have come to this: We have met the enemy — and he is carrying an American passport.

For generations, assimilation has been the story told by the United States — the recipe for making Americans. Irish and Italians, Catholics and blacks, Japanese and Jews joined the mainstream even as they maintained their unique cultures and traditions.

But today, with the world a mouse click away and most every country in the world accessible in little more than a day, globalization is competing fiercely with assimilation. People who have a foot in two strikingly different cultures no longer leave one behind for the other. Now they can move between them easily, fluidly, quickly.

Thus it becomes possible for a fanatical few Muslim-Americans, living in the belly of what they perceive as a hostile culture, to feel closer to a bombed Afghan village or a Pakistani madrassa than to the America outside their own front doors.


Eric Holder: Miranda Rights Should Be Modified For Terrorism Suspects

9 May

Attorney General Eric Holder said for the first time today on ABC’s “This Week” that the Obama administration is open to modifying Miranda protections to deal with the “threats that we now face.”

“The [Miranda] system we have in place has proven to be effective,” Holder told host Jake Tapper. “I think we also want to look and determine whether we have the necessary flexibility — whether we have a system that deals with situations that agents now confront. … We’re now dealing with international terrorism. … I think we have to give serious consideration to at least modifying that public-safety exception [to the Miranda protections]. And that’s one of the things that I think we’re going to be reaching out to Congress, to come up with a proposal that is both constitutional, but that is also relevant to our times and the threats that we now face.”

America’s system of Miranda rights developed out of a 1966 Supreme Court ruling which found that the Fifth Amendment and Sixth Amendment rights of an alleged rapist and kidnapper, Ernesto Arturo Miranda, had been violated during his arrest and trial (Miranda was later retried and convicted).

The Court ruled that before being interrogated, a person in custody must (among other things) “be clearly informed that he or she has the right to remain silent, and that anything the person says will be used against that person in court,” and that they “must be clearly informed that he or she has the right to consult with an attorney and to have that attorney present during questioning.”

Holder, who was making his first appearance on a Sunday morning news show, also declared that the Pakistani Taliban was behind the attempted bombing of Times Square by Faisal Shahzad last week.

“We’ve now developed evidence that shows that the Pakistani Taliban was behind the attack,” Holder said. “We know that they helped facilitate it. We know that they probably helped finance it. And that he was working at their direction.”

The 9-11 Truth Headcount

28 Apr

Jeffrey Hickcox

It is a mistake to think they are this stupid.  One thing we should know by now about the global elite is that they are very calculating.  Although Jeffrey Scott Shapiro of is a proven “useful idiot” for Neo-Cons, he is presumably a very intelligent person and lawyer.  Therefore his comically off-base article attacking Jesse Ventura must be analyzed with great suspicion.

Shapiro makes the bombshell claim that, Shortly before the building collapsed (referring to WTC 7), several NYPD officers and Con-Edison workers told me that Larry Silverstein, the property developer of One World Financial Center was on the phone with his insurance carrier to see if they would authorize the controlled demolition of the building – since its foundation was already unstable and expected to fall.”

EVERY comment below the original article passionately undresses Shapiro’s lies and supposed idiocy.  One reader, SIMONS, commented with crystal-clear common sense when he dissected the article this way:

“So, Shapiro is ADMITTING that he heard others say they heard Silverstein on the phone talking about wanting the building demolished??? This is one of the biggest smoking guns of a 9-11 cover-up, that Silverstein COULDNT have possibly rigged the building with explosives on THAT day [it takes weeks to rig a building] and here is Shapiro ADMITTING he heard people say Silverstein was gonna demolish it—-well, how would he have done that on THAT day??? Besides, Silverstein was awarded 500 million for Building 7 ALONE on the basis that its collapse was UNEXPECTED! If he wanted to demolish the building on THAT day, that means the explosives would have had to ALREADY be in the building—–thus NOT an unexpected event! This means Silverstein is guilty of insurance fraud—why isnt he in jail? Funny thing is, Shapiro’s main purpose of this article was to bash Ventura–instead he inadvertently SUPPORTED Ventura’s points by PROVING that it was POSSIBLE for Silverstein to demolish the building on THAT day! The only way to do that would be explosives already set in place! That validates Ventura’s claims!”

Shapiro’s statement unequivocally indicts Silverstein for insurance fraud at a minimum, while exposing him as a murderous, willing participant in the worst terrorist attack ever committed.  Something smells rotten.  It’s too obvious.  Perhaps the Truth Movement is scaring the Military Industrial Complex so much that they are offering Silverstein up as a sacrificial lamb – Madoff style.  Being one of the only people proven to directly benefit financially from the attack of September 11th, he is an easy fall guy.  Well, that can’t be right because it would raise too many more questions of who else knew.  After all, Silverstein would have to be a Muslim sympathizer for the conspiracy to fit neatly with the official story of the 19 Islamic terrorists, and we know Silverstein is the farthest thing from that.  If not to directly indict Silverstein, how should we interpret the “strategery” of the claim?

This new claim is a blatant insult to the intelligence of technical investigators like Architects & Engineers for 911Truth and anyone with a working mind for that matter.  It will surely infuriate Truthers; it may awaken a few sleeping giants in the movement; and it will likely cause a few sheep to jump the fence.  However, it may also prove to be sufficiently “inside baseball” to really awaken the masses.  Ask the average American who Larry Silverstein is and they will overwhelmingly respond with “Baaa, Baaa.”

Could he (they) have placed this new nugget of calculated misinformation to trigger an uprising of hidden Truthers just to get a headcount?  It almost seems like a code, or test, to determine whose brain is still functioning on a rational level, and who is susceptible to obvious lies and propaganda.  It could be the perfect motivation to launch complacent Truthers off their couches.  I’m reminded of a recent episode of V where the 5th Column, in defense of human liberty, sends out a signal to ignite other freedom fighters to the cause, and the enemy is thrilled that members of the 5th Column are finally exposing themselves publically to be caught or killed.

If the headcount theory is indeed part of the agenda, we’ve got news for you Shapiro and crew, we’re everywhere, and our numbers are multiplying daily.  We are men and women of every race and religion, every level of economic and education class, and we’re conservative and liberals (although many are now leaning toward Libertarian).  We are sane, peaceful, law-abiding, curious citizens who know the Truth.  You’ll find us in every country on Earth united by undeniable facts and evidence.  You won’t be able to profile or herd us.  Ben Franklin said, “A lie stands on one leg, truth on two.” We, millions of us, stand on both feet and still use our mind.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

Since the nonsense uttered by Shapiro motivated me to post this – my first article revealing myself as a Truther publically – their plan might be working.  It has brought me off the sidelines and into the Truth arena to be counted because I refuse to be lumped in with the mindless sheep that ignore or defend this assault on our intelligence.  Now I say let’s all be counted.  Let’s make some noise on comment boards, blogs, and anywhere and everywhere.  Every rational human being must now act to defend sanity itself.

Gordon Duff: Stage Being Set For “Dirty Bomb” FALSE FLAG

25 Apr



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Rumors of an upcoming terror attack to be blamed on Iran are moving around the world, “backchannel chatter.”  The primary suspect is Israel who is said to have a number of small “suitcase” type nuclear weapons, some primarily “dirty bombs,” possibly supplied secretly by a previous US administration.  These devices are in the “40 ton” range, highly radioactive, extremely small and can be engineered to leave the signature of a primitive device.  They were originally designed for use against Soviet armor and troop concentrations in Europe if a massed attack on NATO were to occur.  Current conventional systems have made this type of weapon obsolete.

We have been told that federal authorities have interviewed, on video, a prominent individual with specific knowledge of the possession of this type of weapon.

This won’t be in the news.  All that “every day folks” will see is a story here or one there that don’t make sense.  Why would “ultra-Liberal” Senator Chuck Schumer, nightmare “anti-gun” nut, extreme lefty and staunch New York democrat turn on the president?  In fact, why are extreme liberals and conservatives all attacking President Obama and, less visibly, our military leaders, all at the same time?  Who is orchestrating this oddest turn of political events in recent history?  Why would the Pentagon ban Reverend Billy Graham’s son from a prayer breakfast as an “Islamophobe?”

Dad, the famous Reverend Billy Graham, primary spiritual advisor to every American president since Harry Truman held different views.

Rev. Billy Graham openly voiced a belief that Jews control the American media, calling it a “stranglehold” during a 1972 conversation with President Richard Nixon, according to a tape of the Oval Office meeting released Thursday by the National Archives.
This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country’s going down the drain,” the nation’s best-known preacher declared as he agreed with a stream of bigoted Nixon comments about Jews and their perceived influence in American life.
“You believe that?” Nixon says after the “stranglehold” comment.
“Yes, sir,” Graham says.
“Oh, boy,” replies Nixon. “So do I. I can’t ever say that but I believe it.”
“No, but if you get elected a second time, then we might be able to do something,” Graham replies.

Consider this report as a form of “innocualtion,” meant to prevent an unseemly accident.



Israel has never been in more trouble today, not from any imaginary Arab armies or a “holocaust” from Iran, a country with only minor defensive weaponry, a 4th rate military power, for those who really pay attention to these things.  Israel has gotten in trouble because of “chickens coming home to roost.”  Americans and Europeans have been conditioned by the press, yes, Israel controls the press in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, to ignore ethnic cleansing and war crimes in Palestine.  Years of news and “infotainment” along with movies and TV series, always depicting Palestinians as crazed murders has done its job, covered mass murder in ways that Josef Goebbels could never do for Hitler.

Things started to go wrong for Israel when top military leaders became increasingly suspicious of 9/11.  None will openly admit to it, but as years have gone on, and Iraq and Afghanistan could no longer be called real security issues for the US, an unspoken movement toward lending a suspicious eye to Israeli involvement in 9/11 has festered.  Israel’s hand in propagandizing our news has become too obvious for trained observers to miss, with the direction not “pro-Israel” but looking more like a country covering for crimes.

This is the potential list:

  • Possible complicity in some part of 9/11 with or without help from groups in the US and one other Middle Eastern nation known to secretly finance Israeli operations but pretending to be a “blood enemy” of the Jews
  • Israeli complicity in massive financial crimes in the US, including engineering of the sub-prime mortgage collapse as an operation meant to destabilize the United States.  That current financial reforms meant to prevent a repeat of this, pushed by President Obama (and military leaders) is opposed by groups financed by the Israeli lobby is a “smoking gun.”
  • Terrorist attacks in Iraq, Russia, Iran and Pakistan carry clear signs of involvement of one or more intelligence agencies being involved, among them Israel.
  • Israeli political machinations backed by a massive propaganda and disinformation campaign attempting to justify an unprovoked attack on Iran, disinformation including “holocaust” rhetoric and clearly falsified intelligence on Iran’s non-existent nuclear program are an almost perfect repeat of the same operation that pushed the Bush administration to mistakenly attack Iraq.  Note this classic example of disinformation propaganda, conditioning “the west” to expect a dirty bomb attack:  Debka/Israel Hoax
  • Nuclear threats made by “extremists” in Israel against Western Europe went unheeded and the desired outcry of support for an attack on Iran never materialized.  Israel would never have allowed prominent sources in its defense establishment to voice “crazy threats” to “nuke Rome” unless some purpose were served.
  • Highly orchestrated attacks on the Obama administration, now finally working in close association with top military leaders, is meant to destabilize the US.  Moving threats against the US, the engineering of a new market collapse by Goldman Sachs, an ineffective attack by Israel on Iran, cutting off all oil to the west or attempts by Israeli controlled media giants to forment civil unrest in the US are all “on the table” and being pushed forward.


The deteriorating situation in Iraq and Afghanistan have tied down so many resources that our defense capabilities, the contingency response that our defense planners have spent years creating and over a trillion dollars financing is a shambles.  We are trucking supplies hundreds of miles through enemy territory to resupply in Afghanistan, that and flying everything thousands of miles across Russia followed by more trucking, hundreds of miles across enemy territory again.  In the process, we are paying hundreds of millions of dollars a year to our own enemies, simply to keep ourselves in Twinkies and Ho Hos.

America is saddled with an incompetent and corrupt ally who has hopelessly embroiled us in his endless and ineffective plots, all with a massive subtext of drug dealing, selling weapons to the enemy and double dealing with foreign intelligence services.

How we got here is no secret and military leaders are unhappy.  America got herself led into these disasters for the good of, not Israeli security but a series of intrigues, more like a chess match, playing country against country, while raking in cash selling weapons to everyone, including the US and India, but, less overtly, to Iran and the Taliban as well.  These are some of the worst kept secrets in the world.  Even President Obama knows, heaven forbid.


With massive control of news organization, half our top retired military leaders taking regularly paid “junkets” to Israel and 363 members of congress indicating an “unbreakable bond” with Israel, no matter what they are caught doing, and they have been caught so many times, starting with the 1956 Suez/Sinai invasion, the 1967  USS Liberty attack,  which helped Israel sell the idea that they were attacked when quite the opposite is true, the belief is that that a new “false flag” attack can be covered easily.

Who could blame Israel, poor beleaguered country, the only “democracy” in the Middle East surrounded by vicious and dirty Arabs trying to sneak in and cut throats of small children in school?

We have already seen the stories about Iran’s planned “holocaust’ and how they are going to invade Israel, a technical impossibility” and set up gas chambers, start making soap and lamp shades out of Jews.  If anything warns America that an attack is coming, hearing both “holocaust” and seeing Charles Schumer attacking a democratic president should be warning enough.

The rumors are that the weapons are in place in Europe and the US.  “The usual suspects,” Arabs, Persians, Pakistanis, some kind of Islamic terrorist group has either been recruited, invented or is being thawed out.  News stories are in place and with 9/11, film crews are ready to be onsite.  Witnesses will be briefed, all to say, “yes it was an Arab dirty bomb, we saw them, Middle Eastern looking, they must have bought it from North Korea.”

That kind of story would hit the news within seconds from “stunned survivors” who will suddenly disappear, returning quickly to “you know where.”

Glenn Beck will cry.


Americans have the rare privilege of seeing the GOP, NRA, Fox News and the Tea Baggers aligned with 250 or is it 300 or 400, we aren’t sure, members of congress that have signed a letter promising to support Israel, in this case, against the interests of the United States.  The names of those involved is difficult to find.  A search of 100 stories on this subject has failed to give a list.  Blog after blog is requesting the list of those who signed the letter but even Israeli papers don’t print it.

Sites claiming to list the members signing now show “FORBIDDEN” or “NO LONGER AVAILABLE.”

What we do know is that congress’s most liberal members, those most outspoken for gun control and all of those listed by the Tea Bag movements and GOP as the most liberal and “unpatriotic” of our politicians are now lined up with the supporters of Goldman Sachs and all, the most conservative and most liberal, are signed up against the President and the Pentagon, aligned with Israel.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the entire “liberal” and “conservative” political hoopla of the last few years is turning out to be a subterfuge to keep Americans from uniting together to regain control of their own country, a control that, for awhile, ran our military, our intelligence services and even the oval office.

Now it runs only Congress, no party, just those addicted to AIPAC/Israeli funding more than allegiance to the United States of America.

What they may earn us through this “moral flexibility” and indifference to allegiance to their own country is another major terrorist attack.  These same members of congress will receive the call, be told how to vote, what to say and exactly what they get in return, same as with Iraq.

Ah, the foibles of living in a democracy for sale to the highest bidder!

From the Ashes

16 Apr

by Jeffrey Hickcox

America is finished.  Everything she represented like democracy, personal liberties, economic mobility, human rights, and social justice has been dismantled by a WTC building 7-style controlled demolition.  As with all natural disasters, blatant looting is occurring while the masses are distracted by their desperation and fear. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of the pain and when America’s destruction is finally complete, the power vacuum will no doubt be filled by centralized global governance run by the international Banksters.

As bleak as the situation appears to be there is hope for a better future to be built from the ashes.  But let’s be clear, the fire has been started, the elite add fuel daily, and Rome is burning.  Trying to put out the fire at this point is a waste of our precious energy because the system is run by the arsonists themselves who also control the firefighters.  Our first order of business must be to survive the fire. Some may argue that we must first focus on sounding the alarm to awaken the masses which many are doing quite successfully.

However, I’m reminded of the scene in The Day After Tomorrow when the killer storm is bearing down on America and Quaid’s character draws a line on the map of the U.S. and tells them to evacuate everyone below that line because it is too late for the rest of them.  As Paul Craig Roberts stated in his “retirement” remarks, that line is 9-11 truth.  If you can’t see or are completely unwilling to question the truth about 911, then it is too late for you.  The storm is moving too fast and is too powerful to save you.

Indeed, many will perish in the firestorm from joblessness, untreated illnesses, starvation, and battle wounds.  Perhaps we need the suffering to get the population to fully awaken from their dream-state prisons.  And when the smoke clears, the elite’s plan for centralized control over all the human population will be nearly complete.  Their plan must be stopped or we will all be debt slaves confined to our Orwellian cubicles equipped with telescreens that transmit our every action.  But it won’t be stopped by a few citizens clutching hunting rifles.  It won’t be stopped by peaceful marches about taxes.  And it won’t be stopped by electing a few Libertarian politicians.  The firestorm is too great. Those actions are helpful, but it will only be stopped with better system built on better ideas.

Albert Einstein was right when he said, “No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.”  Therefore, trying to affect change in the current system through protesting, picketing, or politicking is all for naught – especially when the noose of the elite’s global control grid is ever tightening.

Of course recognizing the problem and educating as many willing citizens as possible is of crucial importance.  The “problem” is that central bankers have enslaved the world through their creation of monopoly money; money that came from nothing, means nothing, and perpetuates an illusory system of greed and hierarchy to serve them.  The banksters and their cartel partners of industry own every government and their war machines, all the land, all the natural resources, and all the people.  Until we recognize that collectively and topple it, we are doomed.

This system started when the first hunter and gatherer decided to lock up his toils and charge a price of admission for basic human sustenance.  Now, humanity is at the mercy of the greedy global food monopolies, energy monopolies, medical monopolies, and thought monopolies working in tandem with the money masters for complete control of our society and our species.

We will remain slaves until, we as individuals and communities, cease to rely on these cartels for our basic human needs by creating self-sufficient systems.  New systems for money and trade must be implemented if we expect to enjoy true freedom and fairness.  It seems to me that the most pragmatic way to accomplish this new society in the U.S. is one state (or a group of states) at a time seceding to create a new great society.

As the fire of federal criminality burns, the talk of secession is no longer considered whacky but almost acceptable water-cooler conversation. States would clearly have to take steps to be more self-reliant to dull the pain of their new birth.  The first order of business must be to forgive all private and public debts owed to criminal bankers for their illusory currency and immoral practices.  Any objection by the bankers will result in their criminal prosecution for theft, corruption, and counterfeiting.  Their immunity will be their only concessionary payment for all debts.  The next step would be to issue a new currency based on sound principles either backed by gold or some other local resource, or to follow the principles of Lincoln’s Greenback issued directly by the government treasury at a fixed low interest rate and with supply caps based on economic output.

Obviously, there will be many fierce opponents to a plan like this especially from those with the most to lose like the banks, the federal government, and dollar-based foreign companies (energy companies etc.).  Again, offering immunity from crimes against humanity will protect the new state from their onslaught.  Skeptics will also be abundant, yet if the new “territory” restores the personal freedoms under the Constitution, develops a high level of self-sufficiency, brings home their National Guard to protect their borders, establishes a sound currency and economic freedom, and displays strong social structures that puts its people before profit, then I (maybe naively) imagine local cooperation and investment will surely follow.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a ‘thing-oriented’ society to a ‘person-oriented’ society.”  To build a sustainable and just societal model we must switch our perception from the illusion of material things to the love of our fellow man.  Each aspect of how we function in society must adhere to putting the rights of individuals first, the wellbeing of the community second, and incentive-based economics last.  This will not happen overnight, but with one person, one community, one state, and one nation at a time.  Of course there are countless logistics to be determined, but where there is love there is hope, and I remain hopeful.