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10 Ways You’re Being Fleeced by Banks

19 Jul

Activist Post: 10 Ways You’re Being Fleeced by Banks.


Is the American Dream Nothing More Than Servitude?

26 Dec


We were all taught the myth of the American Dream. Indeed, this “dream” is now being sold all over the world, that if you study hard, get a good job and work hard you’ll be able to own things and eventually find economic freedom in your retirement years. This story has been reinforced at nearly every dinner table in America. Once we buy into this fantasy we become shackled into servitude and our very existence becomes defined by it. We can’t logically envision another way to spend our time.

We then pursue this dream with vigor. Our youth is devoured preparing for the workforce; we take student loans that ensure our commitment to the system, we finance a car if we are lucky enough to find a job, we sign contracts for mortgages, utility companies, and even our churches to submit our pound of “human” flesh. We all do this willingly because we believe this to be the best way to spend our time on this planet. And for some it’s their only known way to survive.

The most absurd aspect to committing 90% of our waking life working for this dream is that it’s all just to function, to stay alive and have experiences. The illusion of wealth and private property provides enough allure to get most of us to submit. Sure, nice things are terrific and great to use, but that’s exactly what we’re doing – using them. Let’s be clear, we never really own property without future obligation of taxes, insurance, or permit/licensing fees.

Since nearly everything is bought and sold on credit by governments, industry, and households, the Money Printers control it all. Yup, life is grand owning or controlling 90% of the world’s resources with just a measly 10% left to the peasants. Conveniently, they are the only ones flush with cash (loaned by us, and repaid by us), just waiting for prices of “real” things to get low enough to sweep up the rest of the crumbs.

The recent economic collapse has exposed many previously “distracted” citizens to the marriage of state and banks for the benefit of them – not us. Matt Taibbi, of Rolling Stone, has been brilliantly detailing the merger between state and big banks since the manipulated financial collapse. In short, the money printers are the puppet masters of all “resources,” whose slight flick of a finger effects the entire economy, and consequently, the government and the slave puppets at the bottom of the string.

Predatory lending has been used to successfully enslave Third World countries with debt as described in great detail by John Perkins in his books Confessions of an Economic Hitman and Secret History of the American Empire. The banks discovered that they can colonize and imprison the world through the leverage of debt (although some countries are now resisting debt servitude). Once proven successful, the banks then turned to enslaving all industries and workers luring them behind bars through deceptive lending techniques.

In most circles it’s safe to say that our government is no longer “By The People” or “For The People” anymore. In fact, I wouldn’t even describe them as for the corporations as many gripers like to do. Instead, I contend that they merged a long time ago. ALL of our government agencies are wholly employed and run by former titans of industries that they now “regulate”. Politics is just big business; the 2008 Presidential race was nearly a $2 billion dollar industry alone, and forget about the Congressional campaigns. Our system, whatever you want to call it, IS big business, BY big business, and FOR big business.

It is rape and pillage for profits and power, where corporations are given the rights of individuals, but none of the punishment for moral wrong-doing. Understandably their policemen have long been on-the-take. Plain and simple, it seems like our cartel capitalism, fully-integrated with our government, is infinitely more oppressive than what our Founding Fathers faced with a greedy King on the other side of the pond. And yet, we continue to not only support, but fund it.

How do we break the chains of servitude? Well, we start with either getting out of debt, or by rejecting current debt. I’m not suggesting that readers should just walk away or declare bankruptcy if they have the means to combat it. However if the illusory debt noose has tightened to the point of suffocation, your only choice is to remove it by any means necessary and declare your personal human freedom.

In this rigged game designed to sacrifice the Pawns. However, I can’t help but feeling like the Knight of my own life with desires to be the King of it. And that’s the good news. We all have the ability to be Kings or Queens of our individual paths. And since the current system thoroughly depends on our acquiescence, we can change it to treat resources, all creatures, and our environment with the respect they deserve.