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Is “The Age of Rage” Coming?

8 Jun

Austerity Fascism Is Coming And It Will Be Brutal

Welcome to the age of rage – riots and revolutions will be the reaction to the next stage of the new world order

Austerity Fascism Is Coming And It Will Be Brutal 080610top2

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top historians, social and financial analysts are warning that the draconian austerity measures currently being prepared by governments in the west will cause riots and even revolutions as people react with fury in response to their jobs, savings, basic public services, pensions and welfare money being seized by the financial terrorists who caused the economic collapse in the first place.

British historian Simon Schama is a creature of the establishment and he makes it clear whose side he is on at the end of his recent column for the Bilderberg-controlled Financial Times entitled, The World Teeters on the Brink of a New Age of Rage. However, the fact that he is an elitist at heart only makes Schama’s predications all the more alarming. This is someone on the inside who is painfully aware of the fact that the imminent attempt on behalf of the globalists to enforce so-called “austerity measures” on the people of the west, which in reality is a euphemistic term for the next leg of the new world order, is not just going to cause riots and mass social unrest, but it could even lead to revolution if the elite allow the situation to spiral out of their control.

Schama’s forecast that “we might be on the threshold of an age of rage” is not to be taken lightly. This isn’t coming from Alex Jones, Max Keiser or Gerald Celente, it’s coming directly from a man considered to be Britain’s pre-eminent contemporary historian.

Schama writes that the coming austerity measures, particularly in America where anger “targeted at an elitist federal authority is raging through the US like a fever,” will require “Barack Obama to be more than a head tutor. It will need him to be a warrior of the word every bit as combative as the army of the righteous that believes it has the Constitution on its side, and in its inchoate thrashings, can yet bring down the governance of the American Republic.”

In other words, Obama will have to ditch “misplaced obligations of civility” and become an authoritarian enforcer in order to emerge successful against the rising tide of Constitutionalist rage that will be directed against the coming austerity fascism.

We’ve all seen the numerous videos of protesters in Greece rioting, fighting police, and even firebombing banks and killing people in reaction to the crippling austerity measures imposed by the government in the name of appeasing the mandates of the European Union’s near $1 trillion dollar bailout package. However, the establishment media as a whole has largely failed to identify precisely what those austerity measures are, and more importantly how they will almost undoubtedly lead to massive social dislocation in the UK and the United States when implemented.

The austerity measures currently being considered and indeed implemented in the UK and other European countries, with the United States not too far behind, can be summarized as follows.

– Massive cuts to public services that are two or three times larger in size than anything we’ve witnessed since the second world war.

– Both capping of and reduction of salaries for public sector workers that will inevitably lead to huge strikes, bringing whole countries to a standstill for weeks on end, further eviscerating any economic recovery. Public sector workers in France and Spain are already staging large industrial strikes. As we saw in Greece, strikes routinely lead to riots and violence.

– Shocking tax increases that if they mirror previous trends could amount to an astounding 98 per cent tax on all earnings over a low level of income. Such increases would virtually eliminate the middle class because all earnings over around £20,000 ($28,000) would almost entirely go straight to the government. Knowing that such exorbitant hikes would cause millions of people to try to evade tax, thousands of new tax inspectors are being hired to crackdown on evaders. In the United States, 16,000 new IRS agents were recently hired in anticipation of people avoiding massive tax hikes that are in the pipeline, as well as new taxes as a result of Obamacare, which will begin to be implemented in the coming years.

– Cuts in social welfare payments that will devastate the poor if they are already laboring under runaway inflation. The economically deprived will take to the streets with a mind set of nothing to lose if the government handouts they have become dependent on are drastically reduced.

– VAT increases for people who already pay some of the highest income tax levels in the world. Europeans are forced to pay a 15-25 per cent surcharge on the purchase of most items and services, and this stealth tax is only set to increase. Greece recently upped its VAT from 21 per cent to 23 per cent. In the United States, President Obama has made it clear that a value added tax is “still on the table” as the IMF also outlines plans for a financial transaction tax which amounts to yet another insidious stealth tax on consumption.

– Governments will try to seize pension funds by continually raising the retirement age so pensions are constantly kept out of reach until people die. In Greece, the government is linking the pension to the average life span index, so most people won’t even get it before they die. Strikes across France in response to similar proposals have closed schools, delayed flights and caused chaos.

– In many European countries, laws govern the amount of employees private companies can fire in any one period of time. In Greece, the number of people companies will be allowed to lay off has doubled from 2% to 4% of their work force. Taken to its extreme, this could double unemployment in the private sector, placing yet more strain on unemployment benefits, which will also be reduced, and driving people into poverty.

All of these measures have been implemented to one degree or another in Greece and we witnessed the consequences. What makes the situation far more terrifying is the fact that the austerity measures being readied for Europe and especially the UK are far more drastic than what the Greeks have been dealt.

The last time anything remotely this drastic was imposed in the UK post World War Two was in 1977 when public spending was cut by 4 per cent. This led to massive strikes, riots, bodies being left unburied, and the German chancellor declaring Britain “no longer a developed country”. This turmoil occurred just a few years after the UK government had imposed a three-day-week as a result of massive industrial strikes by coal miners in order to conserve electricity. The miners were on strike because the government had capped their pay in an effort to control soaring inflation, a repeat of which many warn is just around the corner as governments are forced to print trillions more money as part of quantitative easing programs.

Spending cuts as part of UK austerity measures are set to be more than double those imposed in 1977, at a level of 9 to 11 per cent. If people were rioting, leaving bodies unburied, and the country was being called “no longer developed” with just a 4 per cent spending cut, what are we to expect after a cut double or treble that amount? Not to mention the plethora of other draconian austerity measures that will accompany spending cuts.

British Prime Minister and Bilderberg attendee David Cameron has warned that the measures his government is preparing to impose will “Affect every single person in our country. And the effects of those decisions will stay with us for years, perhaps decades, to come.”

Austerity fascism is the realization of the global elite’s agenda for a “post-industrial revolution,” after which living standards in the west will be dramatically lowered, economic growth will be stagnant, and people will be more concerned about how they are going to feed their families rather than standing up to the very financial terrorists who engineered the economic collapse in the first place.

However, a hungry mob is an angry mob. If the situation is allowed to spiral out of control and the “post-industrial revolution” unfolds quicker and more unwieldy than anticipated, the global elite may find themselves with an entirely different kind of revolution on their hands – one led by the people against the corrupt plutocrats intent on exploiting the suffering they masterminded in the move towards an authoritarian one world government.


Elites Fear The Global Awakening

18 May

CFR Meeting: Zbigniew Brzezinski Fears The Global Awakening

Federal Jacktube3
You Tube

Zbigniew Brzezinski giving the CFR branch in Montreal a presentation discussing world government and his fears of the mass global awakening that has taken place.

The 9-11 Truth Headcount

28 Apr

Jeffrey Hickcox

It is a mistake to think they are this stupid.  One thing we should know by now about the global elite is that they are very calculating.  Although Jeffrey Scott Shapiro of FoxNews.com is a proven “useful idiot” for Neo-Cons, he is presumably a very intelligent person and lawyer.  Therefore his comically off-base article attacking Jesse Ventura must be analyzed with great suspicion.

Shapiro makes the bombshell claim that, Shortly before the building collapsed (referring to WTC 7), several NYPD officers and Con-Edison workers told me that Larry Silverstein, the property developer of One World Financial Center was on the phone with his insurance carrier to see if they would authorize the controlled demolition of the building – since its foundation was already unstable and expected to fall.”

EVERY comment below the original article passionately undresses Shapiro’s lies and supposed idiocy.  One reader, SIMONS, commented with crystal-clear common sense when he dissected the article this way:

“So, Shapiro is ADMITTING that he heard others say they heard Silverstein on the phone talking about wanting the building demolished??? This is one of the biggest smoking guns of a 9-11 cover-up, that Silverstein COULDNT have possibly rigged the building with explosives on THAT day [it takes weeks to rig a building] and here is Shapiro ADMITTING he heard people say Silverstein was gonna demolish it—-well, how would he have done that on THAT day??? Besides, Silverstein was awarded 500 million for Building 7 ALONE on the basis that its collapse was UNEXPECTED! If he wanted to demolish the building on THAT day, that means the explosives would have had to ALREADY be in the building—–thus NOT an unexpected event! This means Silverstein is guilty of insurance fraud—why isnt he in jail? Funny thing is, Shapiro’s main purpose of this article was to bash Ventura–instead he inadvertently SUPPORTED Ventura’s points by PROVING that it was POSSIBLE for Silverstein to demolish the building on THAT day! The only way to do that would be explosives already set in place! That validates Ventura’s claims!”

Shapiro’s statement unequivocally indicts Silverstein for insurance fraud at a minimum, while exposing him as a murderous, willing participant in the worst terrorist attack ever committed.  Something smells rotten.  It’s too obvious.  Perhaps the Truth Movement is scaring the Military Industrial Complex so much that they are offering Silverstein up as a sacrificial lamb – Madoff style.  Being one of the only people proven to directly benefit financially from the attack of September 11th, he is an easy fall guy.  Well, that can’t be right because it would raise too many more questions of who else knew.  After all, Silverstein would have to be a Muslim sympathizer for the conspiracy to fit neatly with the official story of the 19 Islamic terrorists, and we know Silverstein is the farthest thing from that.  If not to directly indict Silverstein, how should we interpret the “strategery” of the claim?

This new claim is a blatant insult to the intelligence of technical investigators like Architects & Engineers for 911Truth and anyone with a working mind for that matter.  It will surely infuriate Truthers; it may awaken a few sleeping giants in the movement; and it will likely cause a few sheep to jump the fence.  However, it may also prove to be sufficiently “inside baseball” to really awaken the masses.  Ask the average American who Larry Silverstein is and they will overwhelmingly respond with “Baaa, Baaa.”

Could he (they) have placed this new nugget of calculated misinformation to trigger an uprising of hidden Truthers just to get a headcount?  It almost seems like a code, or test, to determine whose brain is still functioning on a rational level, and who is susceptible to obvious lies and propaganda.  It could be the perfect motivation to launch complacent Truthers off their couches.  I’m reminded of a recent episode of V where the 5th Column, in defense of human liberty, sends out a signal to ignite other freedom fighters to the cause, and the enemy is thrilled that members of the 5th Column are finally exposing themselves publically to be caught or killed.

If the headcount theory is indeed part of the agenda, we’ve got news for you Shapiro and crew, we’re everywhere, and our numbers are multiplying daily.  We are men and women of every race and religion, every level of economic and education class, and we’re conservative and liberals (although many are now leaning toward Libertarian).  We are sane, peaceful, law-abiding, curious citizens who know the Truth.  You’ll find us in every country on Earth united by undeniable facts and evidence.  You won’t be able to profile or herd us.  Ben Franklin said, “A lie stands on one leg, truth on two.” We, millions of us, stand on both feet and still use our mind.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

Since the nonsense uttered by Shapiro motivated me to post this – my first article revealing myself as a Truther publically – their plan might be working.  It has brought me off the sidelines and into the Truth arena to be counted because I refuse to be lumped in with the mindless sheep that ignore or defend this assault on our intelligence.  Now I say let’s all be counted.  Let’s make some noise on comment boards, blogs, and anywhere and everywhere.  Every rational human being must now act to defend sanity itself.