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Economy Kept On Life Support While Global Governance Is Organized

14 Mar

This article is so good that I wanted to reproduce it here in its entirety.  We are rapidly heading toward global governance, and this article is a wonderful breakdown of all angles as they converge.

By Giordano Bruno

Neithercorp Press – 03/10/2010

Herbert West: Re-Animator

Winter is slowly melting away here in the U.S., and Spring will soon be upon us.  Wall Street is currently flush with delight at the year long run of the stock market (driven by fiat bailouts), which at first glance appears to be doing quite well, though international incidences such as those in Dubai and Greece have revealed how shaky the market actually is in the face of any unhealthy news.  In the meantime, the dollar, recently on the edge of detrimental value loss, has made a semi-miraculous recovery in the span of a few months, especially as the Euro suffers.  Official employment numbers, despite the continuous loss of jobs monthly, have somehow fallen and are for the moment stabilized.  Is it time for America to dust off the old credit cards and return to the wild and rollicking carefree spending days of pre-2007?  Perhaps not…

While the mainstream media puts on the recovery song and dance, the fundamental problems of the collapse remain the same, and in some cases are growing ever more precarious.  Subsections of the public, unaware of the real issues at hand, are holding a misguided jubilee in the tranquil eye of a hurricane, wrongly assuming that the storm has passed.

The world is breathing a hasty sigh of relief at the beginning of 2010, but what are the facts behind the current “peaceful” economic moment?  In this article, we will examine whether or not the good news is legitimate, or, if are we being lulled into a false sense of security…

Job Market Statistics Manipulated

At the beginning of the year, official unemployment stood at around 10%.  This number of course does not include those people who are off unemployment benefits and still have not found jobs, or those people who are underemployed.  The Labor Department then announced their intention to revise their “birth/death ratio” method of calculating job loss, which would supposedly add a whopping 800,000 lost jobs to their books that were hidden before:


Directly after this news was released, markets braced for a substantial increase in the unemployment percentage.  Yet, by some act of magic, the unemployment percentage fell to 9.7%!


How is this possible?  Well, those of us who were hoping for greater Labor Department transparency (including myself) should have known better.  With the Labor Department, two-plus-two NEVER equals four…

As the EPI article above indicates, while the government has reportedly changed their dubious “birth/death ratio” method, they also at the same time changed their “home survey” method.  This survey is meant to give the Labor Department an overall view of unemployment percentages, but now the government has sharply reduced the number of households they actually survey, making the results more volatile and easier to manipulate.  This why even though nearly a million jobless people were added to the unemployment rolls, the government was still able to report a drop in unemployment percentages.  Sound like a dirty trick?  Yes, it is…

According to the EPI’s estimates, which are probably still conservative, over 11 million jobs would need to be created in order to bring employment rates to pre-2007 levels.  This is called the “jobs gap.”  To fill the jobs gap by 2013 (which is about the time frame that the government has suggested it would take for a full recovery) the U.S. would need to generate over 400,000 jobs a month for the next three years!  As I think most of you can see, this is not going to happen.  Last month according to official numbers the U.S. lost another 36,000 jobs.  Jobs are not being created, and will not be created anywhere near the 400,000 a month mark required for a three year recovery.

Also not often reported is the span of weeks at which those who are unemployed have to wait until they find another job.  This “lag time” in-between jobs has grown markedly higher in recent months as the chart below shows:


In January of this year alone, 6.3 million people (over half of those unemployed) had been without a job for more than 6 months.  This is an astonishing number, and it shows just how out of touch MSM reports of recovery are.  Anyone who has been unemployed for more than just one month knows how tense and uncertain such a situation makes life.  Imagine the misery of a 6 month hiatus from steady work, not able to fully support ones self and not knowing when you’ll be able to again.  The Labor Department, nor the media, seems to take the factor of ‘duration’ into account when considering whether employment is actually in recovery.  Nor do they take into account the fact that most of the jobs lost over the past two years were high paying and specialized, while most of the scant few jobs created have been low paying service sector positions.

What is most frightening about this information is that it reveals deliberate mishandling of statistics.  Instead of being more open about unemployment numbers, the government is moving to hide them further.  But why would they escalate secrecy on the economy?

The Day The Dollar Died

Last week, Li Ruogu, chairman of Export-Import Bank of China, a lender tasked with supporting the country’s foreign investments, stated that China would continue to support the dollar and that reports of a break from U.S. treasuries were “absolute nonsense.”  Investors in treasuries this week seemed to take the comment as a good sign that the dollar’s place as world reserve currency is assured.  However, one might ask why it was suddenly so important for China to comfort treasury markets?

Interestingly, statements of China’s “affection” for the dollar have come right after their central bank decided to dump $34 billion in U.S. treasuries.  Along with other nations, the U.S. suffered the worst one month treasury dump on record so far at $53 billion:


This follows a treasury dump last year by China of $25 billion, after which we predicted that such dumps would occur more frequently and in larger amounts.  Apparently, we were right:



Initially, it was reported after their latest dumping of U.S. bonds that China had lost its position as the number one investor in U.S. debt, placing Japan in the top spot.  Strangely, only days later this report was rescinded after the Treasury released a statement claiming that China did indeed dump $34 billion in bonds, but, they were still the number one investor in T-bills:


How is this possible?  According to the Treasury, they “forgot” to include Chinese treasury holdings in third markets such as Hong Kong and Britain.  This is very strange.  Who holds these extra bonds and what are they doing sitting in foreign venues?  Is it not convenient that these bonds appeared from thin air just as news of China’s treasury dump was hitting the bond market?  And now we suddenly have a Chinese finance official attempting to reassure the world that China still wants T-bonds while at the same time they are trying to get rid of them?  If this behavior seems confusing it is because this is what occurs when governments lie big; no matter how good they are at it, they can’t make the facts add up.

If one examines Treasury Auctions month-to-month, they would find that “Primary Buyers” of treasuries (who have to buy treasuries when no one else is buying) now dominate auction sales.  Indirect buyers, who cannot be tracked, also make up a large portion of competitive bids on treasury bonds.  It is suspected that most of these indirect buys are made by the Federal Reserve itself in order to prop up the dollar.  The article below explains the process succinctly:


The bottom line is that foreign governments are NOT buying treasuries at volumes necessary to keep the U.S. afloat amidst its ever climbing national debt, and in some cases, they are now trying to quietly and gradually dump what they have so as to not arouse immediate suspicion from the markets.  In fact, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve seem to be helping them do this!

The dollar is, in effect, dead, but disinformation and market manipulation, mainly by the private Federal Reserve, is being used to reanimate it for appearances.  The result is the conjuring of a kind of “zombie currency,” a Weekend at Bernie’s currency that the Fed props up with strings and pulleys to fool everyone at the party.

The most obvious question here is, why go through so much trouble to keep the dollar around at all?

World Government And The SDR

Since the “Great Recession” began, economic forums and conferences such as the G20, and the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland have spoken of little else except the formation of a centralized world economy and the establishment of a legal body that has the power to run it.  At the Davos “workshops,” economists and others present ideas for world governance as if they were the originators of the concept.  It may not be surprising to most of us that there is rarely if ever anyone who participates in the WEF meetings that supports the restoration of national sovereignty.  In fact, nearly all the participants seem to assume that a world government is the solution to all our ills.  It is also important that like the G20, government officials from all over the world attend, including those from the U.S., and that very often the policies developed at these forums end up in legislation and mass media here at home.  Meaning, the laws and propaganda supporting forced globalization and world government are fine tuned at the meetings and then brought to America for mass consumption.  Below are a couple video examples of Davos workshops:

It is important to recognize what exactly is being presented in these two videos because they reveal much about our current economic circumstances.  The goal of the G20 and the WEF, as they have stated on numerous occasions, is to dissolve national sovereignty.  If they had their way, America as we know it would not exist, along with the Constitutional framework that is meant to protect our liberties.  To achieve this end, a carefully engineered breakdown of the U.S. dollar is being enacted.

As we have shown, U.S. treasuries auctions have tanked and those long term treasuries already held by foreign nations are being slowly cast off.  So far, the Federal Reserve has propped up the dollar by purchasing T-bonds in the place of foreign banks who no longer want them.  By continually monetizing this debt, the Fed will inflate an incredible bubble in the treasury market.  When will this bubble burst?  The key lay in the rules governing Special Drawing Rights.

Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are securities much like treasury bonds.  Their value is determined by a basket of international currencies including the Dollar, the Euro, the Yen, and the Pound Sterling.  The IMF claims that SDRs are not technically considered currency, but SDRs serve nearly all the functions of a currency except that they are not available to the general public (yet).  It walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, but the IMF would rather not call it a duck.  In the end, the SDR is a world reserve currency, and its purpose is to topple the dollar.

Not long after the economic meltdown began, the IMF announced that they would begin the unlimited printing of SDRs.  In 2009, within the span of a few months, SDR circulation went from $21 billion, to nearly $204 billion, and this is only the amount they have admitted to:


Governments across the world have purchased SDRs, while at the same time dropping U.S. treasuries.  China in particular has shown sharp interest in the SDR as a replacement for the U.S. dollar:


It may be prudent to mention that China’s heightened dumping of U.S. treasuries began right around the time that the IMF began mass printing SDRs.  And, even more disconcerting, the U.S. Treasury also quintupled its supply of SDRs in August of 2009:


Being that the U.S. dollar is supposedly the undisputed world reserve currency, why would the U.S. Treasury have any need to buy SDRs at all?  Would this not be redundant?  Unless, the Treasury knows that the dollar will not remain the world reserve currency for much longer….

Now we get to the tricky part…

The IMF has instituted new rules governing the SDR and those countries who trade it (called “member countries”).  Drafting the “Fourth Amendment” governing SDR allocation, the IMF now requires member nations to retain a “special allocation” of the currency much higher than previous allocations.  Countries who keep their SDR supply above the required level receive interest payment on their excess.  Countries that fall below the required level have to PAY interest on the shortfall.  That is to say, if the U.S. were to allow its SDR reserves to fall below the level demanded by the IMF, we would be punished monetarily.  Also, under current rules, the interest rates of the currencies that make up the SDR help to determine the interest rates of the SDR.

The IMF claims it only acts as an “intermediary” between countries wishing to trade in SDRs, but since the IMF is the creator and printer of SDR’s, this would ultimately make them the controller of the SDR market, not some outside intermediary.

Participation in the SDR market for now is voluntary.  However, what we are witnessing here is the subtle positioning of the SDR as the only alternative in the event that the U.S. dollar fails, and once again, China is the key.

China’s Slow Dollar Dive

The argument is constantly made by mainstream economists that China could never drop its large supply of U.S. T-bills because if they tried, the dollar would collapse, virtually erasing the value of their dollar holdings.  The suggestion that “they are as dependent on us as we are on them” is rampant in the MSM, but, if we throw in the wild card factor of the SDR, this all changes.

If the Chinese central bank along with certain others amass enough SDRs over an extended period of time while gradually selling off their T-bonds, the SDR’s could act as a cushion to prevent foreign central banks from losing a large portion of their wealth while the dollar sinks.  In fact, in the event that the Federal Reserve raises interest rates on the dollar (perhaps in response to the heightened risk of a mass treasury dump) those holding SDR’s actually benefit, because the interest they receive on their SDR reserves will also go up:


This would not absorb all of China’s losses in the event of a dollar collapse, but it would be a very effective stop gap, and ample incentive for them to continue dumping treasuries.  I believe that this is the exact reason why the dollar and the Dow have been held up by the Federal Reserve for so long.  They cannot allow a major dollar depreciation until the SDR is established on the world market as a ready substitute.

A good sign that this process might accelerate would be in the event that China de-pegs the Yuan from the Dollar and allows it to appreciate in value.  This would signal that China is moving away from the traditional export arrangement with the U.S.  Talks of a Yuan appreciation are already hitting the MSM:


Investors in the U.S. will foolishly cheer a rise in the value of the Yuan, thinking that this will increase American exports to China.  In reality, China will be preparing to dump the last of its U.S. bonds, and begin exports and imports with the new ASEAN trading bloc:


This new bloc has the potential to surpass profit margins in U.S. markets, especially in the face of extremely weak consumer activity in America.  As the U.S. falters under sovereign debt pressure, China will be in prime standing with a ready supply of SDRs and an organized trading bloc to take up the slack of falling exports to the West.

Shock And Awe

The illusion of U.S. recovery seems to be paramount in the plan for Globalist centralization.  Every scam imaginable has been fashioned to lure the public into a sense of false comfort.  In my original observations on the economic collapse, I believed that we would likely see a “trigger” event in 2010, which would set off a “rolling breakdown” that would not fully climax for a few years.  Now, I am not so sure.  After examining the facts behind the implementation of SDRs as well as the potentially explosive situation in the treasury market, I believe that a “shock and awe” scenario is becoming more probable.  The behavior of the Fed, along with that of the IMF seems to suggest that they are preparing for a focused collapse, peaking within weeks or months instead of years, and the most certain fall of the dollar.

As I think of it now, the advantages of a sudden financial flash flood are numerous.  In a drawn out collapse, the Liberty Movement is given a tremendous time advantage, allowing us to double and redouble our membership while the public opinion of the Federal Reserve and the government in general would deteriorate.  In a sudden breakdown, our time will be cut short, and the public will be distracted and fearful, desperate for an organized authority to offer any semblance of “order.”  A slow collapse allows for the Liberty Movement to work peacefully within the system to build a third party capable of dethroning the current two party farce.  A sudden collapse erases all political activity and opens the door to martial law and illegitimate government.  And finally, a fast moving meltdown leaves a much stronger psychological impression; a catastrophic waking nightmare, instead of a slow grinding depression.  A world government could never be brought about due to the “monotony” of a long slow economic burnout.  Too many factors could present themselves in such an extended period that might interfere with the desired end result.  Too many variables to calculate.  In an abrupt collapse, the Globalists would need only to gage and influence the amount of fear in the populace to a sufficient boiling point then leap in with their intended solution to the problem; centralized global governance.

I feel that in either method, the Central Bankers will fail to reach their ultimate goal, but the prospect of a direct monetary break with limited warning does make the atmosphere much heavier.  One can only prepare as much as possible mentally and emotionally, and keep his eyes wide open…



I WANT YOU — Recruitment for the Infowar

17 Jan

We all know the slogan so fondly brought to us by our kindhearted military culture, circa 1916 or so.  Where has this type of “wanting” led?  Death, division, hatred, bankruptcy, alienation, and despair, just to name some of the better outcomes.  The New World Order mentality has used “I want you” to mean “I’m going to own you.”  But what should we want now?  What are we really calling upon in order to reverse the meaning of this tired and failed military slogan?  Individuality, I assert.  This is the crux of what the New World Order wants to destroy.  It wants to create a factional, controllable, culture where every individual is the member of a group . . . defined by them.  Once defined and herded, we can then be infiltrated, as they have been doing already for decades via COINTELPRO.  Now is the time where the individual must rise — true individuals like Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, David Icke, and all tireless patriots who are willing to trust only the spark within that can light the flame of liberty for our species.  In tribute, I will state what it is that I want.   Perhaps you can do the same.  Let us come together where we agree, and defeat the machine of tyranny that underestimates its opponent.

I want the truth: I will not automatically believe what the leaders of our society say without investigating if their actions support their words.  With all of the information available at our fingertips, we must accept responsibility for uncovering the truth ourselves no matter how uncomfortable that truth may be.

I want true equality:  I will not believe that which is defined for me.  All men are created equal, but not all men fulfill their duty.  Be educated, informed, tolerant, and inspired — you then will be the equal of all men.

I want freedom: I will not accept anything that threatens my birth-given right to be an entity unshackled by arbitrary laws and mandates given to me by men.  The true rules of freedom are always simple and are known without the need for 2,000 pages of lawyer-inspired nonsense.  Identify the crafted means of control, then ignore them.

I want justice: I will not tolerate the producers of society to be unrewarded, while only the takers prosper.  The banker dictatorship must fall, so that we can restore what makes us great.  We should support our local communities and those that contribute to it, not global corporations who are divorced from the interests of the public good.

I want opportunity: I believe that my abilities deserve to be rewarded, and I will do my best to seek those who appreciate them.  Without the freedom of individual expression, there is no self-directed opportunity, only orders given with the goal of conformity and control.

I want to contribute: I believe it is the destiny of the human race to enhance the experience of the members of our species.  We should support all efforts that help people realize their power and potential, as that realization always leads to freedom.

I want YOU: Any person who will not be cowed, who will not bow, who will not kneel to the kings of the day.  The true and the honest know the universal truth:  We the People — only as united individuals — shall prevail.

Save the People of Iceland: the Official Petition

16 Jan

Alex Jones recently had Birgitta Jonsdottir on his show.  She is a leading member of the Icelandic parliament who has called for the country to declare a debt moratorium and stop attempting to pay the $6 billion which the British and Netherlands governments are seeking to extort from Iceland with the help of the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission in Brussels.  She has put together a petition that is essential to sign in massive numbers, so that Iceland stands as an example of resistance to the economic tyranny that has been loosed upon the country.  Iceland was once the 5th richest country in the world.  If the New World Order succeeds there, they can succeed anywhere. Please sign this very important document!


Iceland may be the first Western democracy to be forced into South-American style debt-slavery. The IMF, in concert with the UK and the Netherlands, has attempted to strongarm the recently impoverished Island of 317,000 into paying over 3.6 billion pounds ($6.3bn) — $86,000 per Icelandic family — at 5.5% interest for the next generation. The money is not conventional government debt, but arises from the collapse of a private multi-national bank during the financial crisis.

The issue is so serious that the entire nation will vote on the issue towards the end of February 2010.

On December 30, 2009, after extraordinary diplomatic threats, Iceland’s parliament passed narrowly a bill agreeing to pay the onerous terms. Only a few months earlier parliament had agreed to the full amount, but under more reasonable conditions.

The people of Iceland must be internationally supported, so they can feel safe in voting down debt-slavery. If Iceland falls, it won’t be long before other countries suffer similar financial extortion.



Is the American Dream Nothing More Than Servitude?

26 Dec


We were all taught the myth of the American Dream. Indeed, this “dream” is now being sold all over the world, that if you study hard, get a good job and work hard you’ll be able to own things and eventually find economic freedom in your retirement years. This story has been reinforced at nearly every dinner table in America. Once we buy into this fantasy we become shackled into servitude and our very existence becomes defined by it. We can’t logically envision another way to spend our time.

We then pursue this dream with vigor. Our youth is devoured preparing for the workforce; we take student loans that ensure our commitment to the system, we finance a car if we are lucky enough to find a job, we sign contracts for mortgages, utility companies, and even our churches to submit our pound of “human” flesh. We all do this willingly because we believe this to be the best way to spend our time on this planet. And for some it’s their only known way to survive.

The most absurd aspect to committing 90% of our waking life working for this dream is that it’s all just to function, to stay alive and have experiences. The illusion of wealth and private property provides enough allure to get most of us to submit. Sure, nice things are terrific and great to use, but that’s exactly what we’re doing – using them. Let’s be clear, we never really own property without future obligation of taxes, insurance, or permit/licensing fees.

Since nearly everything is bought and sold on credit by governments, industry, and households, the Money Printers control it all. Yup, life is grand owning or controlling 90% of the world’s resources with just a measly 10% left to the peasants. Conveniently, they are the only ones flush with cash (loaned by us, and repaid by us), just waiting for prices of “real” things to get low enough to sweep up the rest of the crumbs.

The recent economic collapse has exposed many previously “distracted” citizens to the marriage of state and banks for the benefit of them – not us. Matt Taibbi, of Rolling Stone, has been brilliantly detailing the merger between state and big banks since the manipulated financial collapse. In short, the money printers are the puppet masters of all “resources,” whose slight flick of a finger effects the entire economy, and consequently, the government and the slave puppets at the bottom of the string.

Predatory lending has been used to successfully enslave Third World countries with debt as described in great detail by John Perkins in his books Confessions of an Economic Hitman and Secret History of the American Empire. The banks discovered that they can colonize and imprison the world through the leverage of debt (although some countries are now resisting debt servitude). Once proven successful, the banks then turned to enslaving all industries and workers luring them behind bars through deceptive lending techniques.

In most circles it’s safe to say that our government is no longer “By The People” or “For The People” anymore. In fact, I wouldn’t even describe them as for the corporations as many gripers like to do. Instead, I contend that they merged a long time ago. ALL of our government agencies are wholly employed and run by former titans of industries that they now “regulate”. Politics is just big business; the 2008 Presidential race was nearly a $2 billion dollar industry alone, and forget about the Congressional campaigns. Our system, whatever you want to call it, IS big business, BY big business, and FOR big business.

It is rape and pillage for profits and power, where corporations are given the rights of individuals, but none of the punishment for moral wrong-doing. Understandably their policemen have long been on-the-take. Plain and simple, it seems like our cartel capitalism, fully-integrated with our government, is infinitely more oppressive than what our Founding Fathers faced with a greedy King on the other side of the pond. And yet, we continue to not only support, but fund it.

How do we break the chains of servitude? Well, we start with either getting out of debt, or by rejecting current debt. I’m not suggesting that readers should just walk away or declare bankruptcy if they have the means to combat it. However if the illusory debt noose has tightened to the point of suffocation, your only choice is to remove it by any means necessary and declare your personal human freedom.

In this rigged game designed to sacrifice the Pawns. However, I can’t help but feeling like the Knight of my own life with desires to be the King of it. And that’s the good news. We all have the ability to be Kings or Queens of our individual paths. And since the current system thoroughly depends on our acquiescence, we can change it to treat resources, all creatures, and our environment with the respect they deserve.

The Kings of the Carnival Creation

15 Dec

In this moment, it is indeed a type of carnival creation in which we live. Sadly, we have empowered the kings that direct the show to jesters by the names of Goldman Sachs, Al Gore, and the U.N. And the audience? It is us. So, either we sit back and enjoy the show, or we start throwing rotten tomatoes. No matter: it’s old news. FAR older than the lyrics to this song, penned by Silenoz. And, yet, in the mind of a poet it is timeless.


Incarnated marvels simplified
Effects from such a disconsolate kind
Impotence of the once so perfect living
Erase and rewind

Stand rigid for the next battle
Peace means reloading your guns
The love for life is all hatred in disguise
A carnival creation with masks undone

In search for the guidelines to the gateways of sin
through mires of misanthropy with wrath in mind
Sophistication as cruelty and perfection as virulent truth
Confidently dawned, to pick the best of enemies
An abyss womb stretched wide open, exposed to retaliate

With the stigma feasting upon your flesh I wish you well
Thorns from the fountains of fate licking lepered skin
Worshipped by anyone’s mass on our planet hell
What on earth possessed you

Consuming illusions made from hysteria and swallowed tongues
Devoured by doubt, conducting arts of misconception
Testimonial sufficiency declaring numbness of all perceptions

Glance into the blackness hidden beneath your surface
And enjoy the suffering, sanity drained in disrespect
With such bedevilled faith in good, subsequently trusting evil
Next step for mankind will be the last seasons in sin

Left are the kings of the carnival creation
Carrying out the echoes of the fallen

Sense the withering eternity as it fades away
The ultimate graceless voyage of all times
Only death will be guarding your angels, silently
Cripples joining arms in clamor
Institutionalized for the rebirth

the herd will be hunted

Resistance is NOT Futile — The Rise of “Resistance Journalism”

31 Oct

by Michael Edwards

The enemies of freedom have standard weapons at their disposal that they have used throughout history.  These principally include propaganda, whatever high technology of the time period (including science and medicine), legislative bodies cooperating with their agenda, and enforcers willing to enslave their own people.  Many tyrannies of the past came in full force without much subtlety.  What we see today, however, is a carefully measured, softer approach that is aided by advanced knowledge in social engineering and mass manipulation.  But, lately we are beginning to see the brutal elements being brought to the fore in order to set the stage for a physical crushing of any perceived resistance.  The tactic of physical intimidation works even better in our modern era, as very few people alive in America today have first-hand experience with physical violence, and are not trained for such encounters.  It is obvious that the firepower of The New World Order is impossible to match as they have now employed technological advances to create a stunning array of surveillance equipment and weaponry.  It does not make sense that The Second American Revolution should take place on a traditional battlefield.

The battlefield of today has been correctly labeled by Alex Jones as the “Infowar.”  Knowing that information is knowledge, and knowledge is power, the wielder of the pen over the mightiness of the sword has actually never stood a better chance of resistance to tyranny than we see today.  We the resistance have very powerful tools at our disposal, but we need to employ them in a massive, coordinated effort with a mission to work within the system and clog it with the tools the system itself employs.  Now that people have awakened, and the tyranny is more obvious by the day, now is the time for us to break through our passive natures and become active working to stop this growing oppression.  We have had our diversions for long enough:  we have watched enough soap operas and sitcoms; watched enough sports; read enough books; and have attended enough lectures.  There is no more time for hoping that all of this will just go away.  It will not; it only will intensify as we sit around and watch it happen.  The only people now who can deny what is taking place are the willfully ignorant, or the people that actually enjoy the oppression.  It is harsh to say, but these two groups can no longer be our concern.

Nearly every American has a camera.  The government now has us under constant surveillance by satellite, cameras in nearly all public places, and they even have suggested that cameras should be installed in homes “to protect the children.”  Fine, if we are going to be on camera 24/7, then so should they.  Everyone should be carrying their camera at all times — not to document our neighbors as TV has taught us to do, but to document authority.  When you are in front of a federal building, corporate headquarters, police department, or any place where you are now likely to be confronted by private or public security thugs; get it on camera (or preferably video).  Then, use it as evidence to file a law suit immediately for the violation of your civil rights.  Be sure to know your constitutional rights, quote them on camera, and ask the official why they are violating your rights under the Constitution.

Recently, a series of “checkpoint confrontation” videos have been released, started by Terry Bressi from CheckpointUSA.  Border control checkpoints are in fact constitutional.  The only problem is that most of them are up to 100 miles inland!  They can call this border control, but it is really an illegal checkpoint, Gestapo style, within the U.S. and must be resisted.  In these videos you will see him adopt a tone that is anything but acquiescent.  He knows his rights, states them firmly, refuses to give his name (as protected by the 5th amendment), and continues to ask, “Am I being detained?”  These agents have no authority to detain someone without probable cause.  Driving in your car and stumbling across a random checkpoint is NOT probable cause.  Know your rights, get it on film, and be strong. And do not allow them to enter your vehicle; make them do it forcibly and violate your 4th amendment rights.

I’m suggesting that this type of journalism be termed “resistance journalism.”  Groups like We are Change are engaged in “ambush journalism” which is a nice thorn in the side to the specific targets of this type of disruptive questioning during public appearances, but the group has a name, and their tactics are isolated.  What I’m suggesting, is a loosely organized, grassroots group of people that is essentially “on call” to respond when someone encounters blatant tyranny.  For instance, imagine not one car with a video camera documenting abuse at a checkpoint, but 100 cars arriving at the same time armed with cameras — non-violent and completely legal.  This would clog the system as they are forced to respond with more personnel.  Imagine one hundred pieces of evidence, and 100 simultaneous law suits to follow.  This group, in fact, should have a civil rights attorney on call to respond to any questioning by authorities.  This will be a real show of resistance that will spread as people see real action and courage.  Since the group will have no formal name, it will be difficult for government to infiltrate and disrupt the movement.

The other weapon we have is the computer, or at least the pen.  Instead of screaming at one another, and preaching to the choir, we must be writing letters to all levels of the system telling them not that we are upset, but that we are resisting and will absolutely not cooperate with their illegal legislation.  In the case of products we don’t like, write and tell them you are not buying it, and tell them exactly why.  The new vaccine?  Tell law makers and anyone involved in production and distribution that you will not take that vaccine under ANY circumstances — even if it becomes mandatory.  We have to tell them that none of their contingency plans will work.  Now we have our airports becoming medical facilities — testing for disease, power to quarantine, power to inject people.  Write to your airlines and tell them you are no longer traveling due to these policies.  They don’t often listen to arguments based on morals, ethics, or human rights, but they WILL answer to money.  Hit them where it hurts.  Write to the American government; tell them you are no longer traveling due to their illegal restriction of your rights.  Tell them you are not afraid of terrorists, you are afraid of the loss of freedom and the destruction of the Constitution.  And above all, when they spew their propaganda to your children, like in the recent episode of Sid the Science Kid, tell the show creators and PBS Teachers just how inappropriate it is that vaccines should be portrayed in a good light to children who are not able to separate fact from fiction, or to research the mountain of evidence that shows the dangers of this H1N1 vaccine.  If you don’t care about your own freedom, at least stand up for the freedom of your children and future generations who are going to be forced to live in a world where they are managed like animals.

Now is the time for action.  Our greatest weapon is non-cooperation in all of its forms.  It is time to finally take Nancy Reagan’s recommendation:  JUST SAY NO.

The “Ethical Vaccine”

11 Oct

Well, I guess it would be funny, if it were not so serious. Just yesterday, I wrote about the PR push taking place for the H1N1 vaccine. Today, the Sunday propaganda hounds are out in force. It is now unethical to refuse the vaccine. They now admit that 2/3 of the American public do not believe the vaccine has been properly tested. This is a three-billion-dollar program, and I suspect that our public officials tied to the corporate money generated by this vaccine will not go down easily.

Please keep your ear tuned to the language of advertising and social engineering used by our media surrogates as they increase their effort to overcome common sense and facts, and instead result to these thinly veiled emotional ploys and pleas.  Let’s not become victims of their social engineering.  This is definitely one of the lines in the sand.  We already have allowed them to give the bailout against our wishes, continue to wage wars against our wishes; but if we give them dictatorial powers over our own bodies (and those of our children!) by allowing for a mandatory vaccine, we will not have lost just one more battle — we will have lost the war.

The Obvious Blowback

3 Oct

The obvious drawback to building a bomb, is the needing of somewhere (or someone) to test it on — Martin Walkyier, Skyclad, from the song Bombjour!

The science and technology of The New World Order has always been an integral component for the overall control system; if hearts and minds cannot be won, then hearts and minds just have to be eliminated all together.  What has been labeled The Military-Industrial Complex is often referred to as a money-making partnership.  But the story goes much deeper than that.  This marriage has borne a wicked and illegitimate offspring that sees humanity not as worthy of protection, but rather as an obstacle to be overcome.  This offspring, which I would call (no matter where one lives) The Police State, is a global force with complete disregard for civil rights, individuality, free expression of ideas, or cultural identity.

The Police State has always been around:  The Praetorian Guard used by Roman emperors, and Hitler’s Gestapo, are history’s most notorious examples.  It is important to note that every secretive group has had its enforcers (i.e. The Ninja, Mafia hitmen, and private military contractors), but when power becomes powerful enough, they unleash their enforcers into the open to become the examples that direct the future of nations and the world.  It is a very bad sign when the attack dog representatives of elite power can actually be seen; it is a clear indication that those in control no longer see a reason to keep their plans for domination and control hidden.  In fact, the fear factor serves to discourage future peaceful resistance.

The sick display at the G20 in Pittsburgh, USA, was an announcement to the American people that the enforcers of totalitarianism are now on American soil — and they are armed to the teeth.   This group of protesters was overwhelmingly peaceful, as many on-the-ground accounts document.  In America, free speech is a first amendment right that has continually been eroded by degrees through legislation, but this was the first instance of physical, flat-out assault from a well-armed, high-tech, military machine that was designed for Middle East-style unrest.  We can never discount the atrocities committed in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, but those countries do not have a history of constitutional democracy.  The treatment of American protesters exercising their Constitutional rights by a military force is a harbinger of things to come, and cannot be overstated in its barbarity.  The reports of tear gassing, high-tech LRAD weapons, arrests without charge (yet digitally fingerprinted nonetheless), intimidation, torture, sexual harassment, and abuse of every stripe is too voluminous to discount as conspiracy theory, or attention seeking.  This is treason by the perpetrators, and the mainstream media completely ignored it, of course, which will be the subject of our next article.  We all should be reminded from time to time that the first amendment reads as follows:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Private and international security forces don’t seem concerned with this “quaint” concept:  they are not answerable to the laws of the land where they commit their openly criminal activities, nor are they obligated to national loyalty; they are corporations with deep pockets, a stable of lawyers, and hired guns with a bulls-eye stamped on anyone who can add to their bottom line.  These private security forces want to use the tools of their trade, and their handlers are like pimps of violence seeking a money source.  These forces prey upon unrest; they do nothing to help solve the reasons for it.  Americans had better realize that all of the high-tech equipment that seemed cool to use in far-off lands — and to view on their plasmas TV’s — has finally blown back to America.

We believe that The G20 display was a testing ground to see what Americans, and the American system, is willing to accept.  This event has ultimately resulted in legal action taken by the State against people like Luke Rudkowski from We are Change.  The outcome of this legal action could very well solidify what is deemed acceptable or unacceptable on American soil.  Now is the time to redouble our efforts and insist upon freedom, not ask for it.

Welcome to The Grand Chessboard

1 Oct

If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together — Lila Watson

We are very happy to launch this blog dedicated to helping expose the pyramid control systems on which our society is currently based.  Here you will find links to information sources from a wide spectrum — both conspiracy driven and mainstream — as well as our own commentary about what we can do as individuals to change the direction from increasing control, toward increasing freedom and human rights.  We are dedicated to peaceful information-sharing and welcome all comments and contributions that are based on the theme of lifting humanity to more noble goals.  We will NOT accept any submissions or comments that encourage hate, violence, and division.  Above all, we believe that it is the duty of every individual on this planet to ask questions of those in power, and to demand logical, rational answers; not cliche and rhetoric.  We must never forget Lord Acton’s statement, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Power always relies on the ignorance and unquestioning nature of the masses who generally believe that all people must be as well intentioned as they themselves are.  However, history has shown us time and again the ruthlessness of the power elite.  We are living in a time where it is more important than ever to use our abilities of discernment; today’s rulers don’t wear swastikas, or throw Christians to the lions — they wear suits and gather at The Grand Chessboard, enjoying the thrill of secrecy instead of crude displays of the strings they continue to pull.  It is time for us to lift the veil of secrecy, so that truth can see the light of day.